Ha Ji Won’s Pictorial on Movie Week August

Sorry it’s too late, but it’s too gorgeous to be missed. Just for your information, Ha Ji Won appeared on Movie Week magazine for August as cover story talks about her new movie “Sector 7”.

Because I think I have much to tell about Ha Ji Won, her career, her personalities and so on, even you may  know about her more than me, so this time I just wanna share these photos. On “Sector 7” she (almost) always performed with the overalls and being muddy, but for this photo shoot she let go of those overalls to wear sexy dresses and put make up on her pretty face. With her perfect body she looks sexy, glamorous, alluring, and tough.

But actually for Ha Ji Won, even on overalls and get dirty with mud, her charm is still stunning. Although theoveralls was pretty heavy, until she fainted a couple times  because of exhaustion and dehydration, Ha Ji Won really enjoyed the challenge during the filming “Sector 7.” She really loves her character on that movie, Cha Hae Jun, as warrior woman, it was her dream since a long time.

No more comment about these photos, she’s so amazing… B)

[by Blossom]

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  1. Wow…If only I could look like that. I better start exercising more. Ive used the words beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, humble to describe this lady. What other words can I use to describe why I envy her so much. Im amazed.

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