Ha Ji Won: The Marriage and The Younger Partner

On her new drama “The King 2Hearts”, Ha Ji Won will be entangled with marriage thing, her role, Kim Hang Ah, will experience an arrange marriage with prince crown Lee  Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi). The marriage isn’t new thing for her in acting, in the end of “Secret Garden” she looked so sweet together with Hyun Bin as married couple, and on 2009 through  “Closer to Heaven” she’s transformed into devoted wife for Kim Myung Min.

Sorry i make this post separately from the previous article.

But yesterday (March8th), when she attended “The King 2Hearts” press conference that held on Imperial Palace Hotel, on pretty lime green dress she looked confused and blushed when she’s asked about marriage on her real life. She couldn’t talk much, just replied “I don’t know yet” when the journalist asked her about married.

Quite different with her role, Kim Ha Ah who has strong commitment on marriage, Ha Ji Won realized she’s already thirty four years old-the cynical people said that is the marriageable age- but she hasn’t thought about married yet until now, becuase she doesn’t know yet about marriage life.

And as always she really goes deep for her role,  until she dreamed to be forced to marry  for political reason like Kim Hang Ah…Oh i think it was absolutely nightmare for her. But she said one day she would marry, of course with the right person on the right time.
Don’t worry Ha Ji Won-ssi, marriage is not achievement or obligation. Right? Just enjoy your life today and reach your dreams…

Besides her thought about marriage she also shared her feeling about working together with her younger co-worker, Lee Seung Gi. She admited being burdened acting alongside with Lee Seung Gi because their  gap, nine years gap. She was born on 1978 while Lee Seung Gi  on 1987. But she tries to be professional by no longer think about their gap.

As i know this is not the first time she works together with a younger guy with quite long gap. In “Hwang Jin I”(2006) she acted together alongside with Jang Geun Suk who also younger nine years than her, maybe on that time she didn’t assume Jang Geun Suk as a guy, maybe he was just a kid for her that time. And this time, apparently she already assumed Lee Seung Gi as a guy, then maybe she feels it’s weird .

But over all she’s glad that Lee Seung Gi also being professional and mature, even sometime she thought Seung Gi was older than her. Seung Gi managed to make her feel comfortable during the filming together, and she’s quite surprised with Seung Gi’s kiss skill. He is quite expert for his age. Oh really??? Ha Ji Won praised Lee Seung Gi? okay it means Seung Gi’s level is getting high now.

Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah have to be together for some reasons, but they each have secret mission for their countries. At first they suspicious to each other but then eventually they fall in love. “The King 2Hearts” has to be delayed the airing schedule until “The Moon that Embraces The Sun” ended on March 21st.

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    Any way, he has been relieving all of his so cumulative obsessions (especially his repressed sexual instinct) to his family especially his mother, father, I in turn from those times to now!
    That is why he has been so sadist, detestable, malicious, seditious, jealous, impolite, aggressive,
    Superstitious, obsessive, seeker of pretext, intolerable,…person! That is why he has rampaged and wrangled at home from those times to now. It is a proverb in Iran that its mean is following:
    Pour the water on the place that is burning (namely pour water on a lascivious,… person genital organ)! It mean that the libido and lust is the main reason of anger and barbaric and savagely behavior of the persons alike my brother. Again I add that our family has been exposed of some of satanic sects banning, plots, disasters,…from long years ago! As if we had lived in a so dangerous mine field and football stadium from long years ago to now! Some of experts believe on our family destiny and living narrates and incarnates the latest Iranian revolution events that took place in 1979! And as a matter of fact they claim that our family (my parents,…) have paid Iranian revolution cost! But I strongly believe on that the number of criminal and satanic sects don’t restrict to Iran pre-revolution administration merely at all! Instead, a lot of so filthy criminal and mafia bands and sects have been culprit! I expect all of these so worthless, rubbish, bastard, malicious satanic sects and their chiefs and their mercenaries be introduced in so vivid form! Unfortunately this so historical mission never can be performed by Iranian media, broadcasting,…whether they be in Iran or overseas! That is why I expect this so epoch-making mission be fulfilled by foreigner freethinker, noble, liberal think tanks and responsible elites! Anyway satanic forces and Iran tyrannically and satanic and backward systems have stained Iranian moralities, culture,… from ancient times!
    Even satanic sects deliberately have been entangling me in recent years in different fields (whether in the work or marriage,… cases) too. They have diverted my marriage and job and even living matters to a hoop-la football game skilfully! As if I was passing mine field or played a donnybrook football game! They have obstructed in my work, marriage,….deliberately for more than 14 years flagrantly. A lot of persons say that we are exposing testing! But as a matter of fact demonist forces intend to kill 3 members of my family by turn proficiently! They indirectly excruciated and killed my parents previously. Now is my unfortunate brother turn! On the other hand satanic sects and mafia bands have broken down and exacerbated his mental systems for more than the 3 decades through give pathogenic medicines, concoctions and his banning,… a lot!
    So! His toleration has been being Herculean task in these long years! In recent years they have infected his body to pathogenic substances and incurable internal diseases too! I believe on our family have been targeted satanic forces different conspiracies, disasters from before of my birth too!
    I have reminded those shocking facts again for you. Because I expect you see me more! As I am a freethinker, liberal, intelligentsia, open-minded, independent, cognizant, well-informed, intellectual person, then satanic and fascist forces and their worthless imitator mercenaries have been annoying me so more hitherto! Anyway they have entangled me a lot. They have caused that a lot of persons flagrantly accuse me as a liar and visionary person too! And alike my brother, they impudently attribute all of their qualifications to me vice versa!
    My dear park shin hye!I personally believe on my coming to Korea have so positive affects on me on condition that my so beautiful dreams be fulfilled in Korea relatively! especially your seeing(and other Korean cute actresses such as madam lee young ae,song yu ri,ha ji won,yoo in young,lee bo young,yu hi,maya,mika, kim tae hee ,heina, han na na,lee shin shang, Asami Reina, Yui Aragaki, ….) Is my permanent wish!
    Therefore, is it possible you send an invitation letter and visa to me from Korea? As soon as I reach Korea, I resume my work,… too! Because my fisical situation isn’t good at all. And this matter is so vital and important for me! Then I will sightsee, recreate,…in Korea as well. I can do my dental services in Korea too. Of course with minimum expenditures and maximum efficiency! And if you invite me to your home, I can come your home and inhabit at your home for a while at least! It may my destiny transform completely in Korea.
    I will become so glad, if I meet and see you (and your so lovely coworkers,…)in Korea!
    Satanic forces intend to prolong my imposed suspension deliberately. Because a lot of persons say me this sentence every time:
    Until don’t become 3, don’t become play!
    Some of groups of people attribute all of these so terrible oppressions to custom of times and the unfairly and inverse and lyingly terms that dominate in world! Or they say world are administrated through satanic forces in comprehensive and final analysis! And Satan govern world! Although all of these kinds of analyses may incarnate some of so bitter facts that run in world terms relatively, but I don’t accept these kinds of justifications at all! Why? Because these kinds of justification create a new ichnography for justification of future different calamities, oppressions,
    Unexpected deaths, massacre, holocaust,…! Even we can not justify all of past disasters,…with these kinds of justifications!
    Return to my topic. It may that satanic and fascist forces massacre us (namely whole of my family,…)through their sicken,… afterward silently in turn too! Even I have heard its sinister murmurs by some of people and my kin indirectly too! but if the actresses alike you disclose satanic sects conspiracies through art language and disclose them by media,…, a lot of person including my remainder family members will immune and rescue from satanic sects current and future plots! You can introduce all of gangs and satanic sects and thugs through art language in so vivid form. For example you can show who made blind my father? Who imposed different calamities to my parents,… from long years ago through art language? Who have annoyed us from long years ago?
    You can get rid of me from these so intolerable and unforgivable long terms imposed limbo suspension and so filthy football game and defacto conditions too! Please help me,…for revenge! Don’t let my mother, father,…blood be trampled easily! Please introduce all of these so heinous satanic sects and thugs and imposers of different calamities and their so worthless, rubbish, flatterer, detestable mercenaries! Please introduce all of persons that have known themselves as god from olden times to now! Whether they live in overseas or especially in Iran! These so filthy persons sicken, disable, kill,…their victims and spoil all of their victims primitive rights and attribute all of their so terrible crimes to the god will and power! These groups of people must be punished in so cruelly manner! I believe on these groups of people black and dirty hearts must be exploded! All of irreligious and religious satanic and fascist forces skins must be peeled!
    Anyway considering the above mentioned matters there are three options respectively from their importance standpoint for me:
    (((((At the outset, a lot of persons oblige to apology me a lot! Because they have been oppressing me, my parents,… from long years ago a lot! And their so bad past behaviors against me,… don’t have any justification at all! Their crimes are so worse than the murder felony too! Lacks of severe apology from me (directly and right away) have a lot of so terrible consequences in future naturally! And I promise you that a lot of persons will be shocked and repented from their long terms so heinous, contemptuous deeds and actions against me,…! Accidents don’t give news!)))))
    1-my marriage matter must be performed in so reverently manner as soon as possible. At the outset my okay situation must be cleared. Again I notify that I merely marry with my favorite girls. For example I strongly hate middle ages ideologies. Then I don’t marry with the girls with middle ages ideologies! I love freethinker, belle, adolescent, kind, liberal,…girls for marriage! I had said about my future wives requirements in my past emails in detail.
    2-the other option is my migration to overseas right now! This matter can perform by other philanthropist groups of people alike you!
    3-if these two so important options don’t take place in current circumstances, it necessitate that I receive an invitation letter,…in order to resumption my work in a new workplace except of past places(I mean isfehan university and commerce ministry).because I have so bad memorabilia from those places. And it doesn’t recommend that I go to the mention places at all. Because it may those places revive my father and mother,…martyrdom,…reminiscences !and this matter can have so terrible consequences naturally! In meanwhile as soon as I resume my work,…I pursue my different extracurricular plans! The plans such as: learning and practice my favorite musical instruments, athletic courses, foreign languages and finding my favorite ladyloves for marriage and regular trips to my favorite countries and holding my favorite pets at home and watching my favorite series, plans,…from DVD and satellite apparatus are some of my main permanent extracurricular plans!
    So! I expect my future job and traineeship courses and day release,…don’t spoil these so beautiful plans at all! any way as satanic forces have committed a lot of so unforgivable and intolerable crimes against me so far and they have made unemployed me on so futile pretexts for long years and they attribute all of their qualifications to me vice versa and they killed my parents, and they have obstructed on my marriage for more than 13 years,….then I expect my situation be solved in so reverently manner As soon as possible only according to my so praiseworthy recommendations! Again I recall that it had so better that the first option be solved and cleared before of anything! Especially I personally don’t recommend the third option in current situation firstly at all! But these matters don’t mean that these so long term imposed limbo and hellish conditions be extended any longer! Satanic forces have taken and spoiled my adolescence and youth times through their different so filthy plots and actions against me,…! And their crimes against me never will have forgiven! Any more deliberated lag isn’t acceptable any longer at all.
    Other options are my severely abhorrence case. Because I have tolerated some of so terrible catastrophes in my longevity. Satanic forces have banned me for 14 years ago in practice too! Even they murdered my parents in turn too! So! I expect my situation be cleared in so reverently manner according to my clear offers right away! And these long terms imposed hellish and limbo conditions don’t prolong any longer! Because it seems satanic forces intend to extend these long terms hellish imposed circumstances till my uncle and brother be sacrificed in turn! On the other hand my brother toleration has been Herculean task from 30 years ago! If you be instead of me, you kill and behead him! Because he always rampage and wrangle at home a lot! As a matter of fact he wants to relieve all of his cumulative obsessions with this arm. In meanwhile satanic forces have given different pathogenic and electuary substances him! Because they want to kill him by gradual torture on the one hand and they want to annoy me by him on the other hand! They want to extend my long term imposed suspension too! It seems satanic forces intend that I nurse my brother in practice! Because every one has banned him! My mother (and father) held him by themselves last years! And I hold him by myself now! My brother transfers all of his stresses at our home environment! He has changed our home to dustbin too! He doesn’t have any conscience! He has caused other malicious, sadist, jealous, obsessive, Ignorant,…persons misuse from our family situations and they exacerbate our conditions in practice too. Although satanic forces and their mercenaries sickened my brother to mental and physical diseases, but every one be instead of me and encounter with my brother, suffocate him right away!
    Because his toleration is Herculean task! And I control myself a lot! Because no one can tolerate my brother and every one ban him in practice! My patience has a certain threshold! Any way satanic forces misuse from their powers a lot! It necessitate that they severely be punished as soon as possible! Unfortunately my country civilization basics has based on imposture, superstition, oppression, lie, historical fakes from ancient times! So in order to save my country from its so detestable historical roots, it necessitate Iran bid Farwell with its ancient,… history forever and throw it to lavatory! Iran must revive and reborn again and write a new history for itself!
    Any moment it may my brother dies as a result of the pulmonary disease or the heart halt or infectious diseases! All of these diseases have created by satanic forces! In meanwhile satanic forces are playing with me! As if I was playing football with a lot of satanic sects and their so heinous, worthless, ignorant, malignant mercenaries!
    In recent years I have watched some of historical amorously Korean series! As a matter of fact they have been masterpiece works, from my viewpoint! I haven’t seen the so good and fabulous and attractive and interesting films and series alike the modern and historical Korean romantic series from my childhood to now!
    The historical series alike soedang, hwangjin, chuno(hunters of slaves), dance in heavens, jewel in palace! One of these series main purports is depicting the so terrible adventures that had ran in Korea ancient royal courts! As an ordinary seer I watch some of the Korea gloomy eras in these series. In these series we can watch limitless Korean aristocrat powers and oppression and imposture vividly! Instead, Most of people lived alike slaves! The aristocrats could disable, made blind, kill, rape,…their slaves, surfs simply! They had divinely powers in their society! In addition, those aristocrats and royal court staffs hadn’t any cruel, sentiment one another too. And they conspired one another mostly! Although it may most of those series historical facts were exaggerated too! But those so terrible adventures that took place in Korea ancient royal courts can generalize to a lot of world countries circumstances even in contemporary epoch! When I watch these kinds of series, I remind my family bitter fate! For example my father blindness wasn’t a natural phenomenon at all. When I watch that how a slave and agent became exposed to Korean aristocrats and royal court satanic conspiracies, for instance they became disabled or blind by aristocrats and royal court and king order, I remind my father, mother,…bitter fate easily. As if my father, mother,…lived in those so detestable and oppressively and gloomy aristocratic society !and history again repeats! As a matter of fact my father was blind by satanic sects in Iran (alike Korean slaves)! But no one justify this so important matter in Iran so far vividly and in public and officially! Instead, a lot of persons assign a lot of these kinds of so terrible calamities as natural phenomena! They impudently say that my mom and dad had natural deaths! As a matter of fact they lie deliberately or ignorantly! They say that no one made blind my father,…! In finally they ironically say me this sentence:
    Come on drink tea! It refers to the tea ceremony that took place in the Hong Kong area in last years (an autonomic district that was the Britain colony previously and it has annexed to the china country in recent years)!

    That is why I love these Korean series a lot! Because they overpass from the so common and cliches and superficial artistic works frames and lines in world arena! And from my viewpoint this matter is as a so huge achievement and praiseworthy action for art mission in world! Especially when a Korean romantic and historical series filmmaker insert and add the so pure and natural and romantic and dreamful and virgin love adventures among his/her protagonists,… in exaggerated form, the mention series popularity, attraction,….increase considerably! That is why I abhor watching the historical works in bared form and without any aesthetic sides!
    Yes! The Korean gloomy era facts in some of ancient historical epochs generalize to other countries historic eras facts even in the contemporary century!

    That is why I love these kinds of series purports,…a lot. Because other countries people can generalize those so gloomy eras facts to their countries historical facts and their family circumstances spontaneously as well! I haven’t seen the series alike these kinds of so interesting, meaningful, beautiful, romantic series whether the Iranian or foreign series in my longevity! A milliard times bravo to these Korean series filmmakers, players, singers,…!
    Even watching the Korean series that their themes are related to modern times exult and rejoice and ecstasize me considerably too. I never saturate and satisfy from watching the so interesting series alike sad love story, heartstrings, you are beautiful, tree of heaven,…, even I watch them a million times! If I have more leisure times, I watch them for many times in my longevity!

    In finally, I wait for your philanthropic tasks, if you can do them, surely!
    I have no more to say! Send my so deep greet to all of the above mentioned superstars and other Korean nice, lovely players from my wholeheartedly!
    I love Korean romantic series, songs,…extraordinary!
    Even hearing the Korean romantic series songs increase my abilities in different arenas (such as studying, working, sport, refreshment,…)amazingly!
    Unfortunately I have discovered this so important matter in recent months! I wish that I have heard them from my childhood times! I intend to provide a so powerful wireless MP3,…for hearing the Korean romantic and erotic series ,…songs in order to enhancement of my efficiencies in different arena as soon as possible! Because they have miraculously affects on enhancement of my efficiency, morale,…in different arenas simultaneously! Whether in my work, study, sport, concentration,… fields or in my refreshment and recreation fields simultaneously! But this matter doesn’t apply on other songs that belong to Iran and other countries music and songs that I have heard so far! This matter importance become so more, when I am studying, working,…! Because hearing of Korean romantic and amorously series,… songs increase my concentration,…a lot! And it refreshes me and revives my morale and increases my precision simultaneously as well!
    I bid farewell you temporarily!
    I kiss you so much!
    Take care yourself,…! Because it seems satanic sects and fascist forces have scattered around of world! They sicken, entangle, conspire, make old,…their victims through misusing from latest technological achievements and their so powerful mafia sway and pervasion in different world organizations,… easily! They have a lot of astray, rascal, knavish, imitator,…mercenaries in around of world, I think!
    Again I kiss you so much!
    Be happy, successful, and healthy forever!
    Your permanent lover
    Kaveh yousefzadeh
    Revised on:5/7/2013
    i extremely love the series that my dearest park shin hye has played! I extraordinary love her so velvet voices, songs, personality
    I wish i could meet her in Korea many times in my lifetime!
    i never forget her so amazing play in the so interesting romantic series alike heartstrings, you are beautiful, stairway to heaven, the heaven tree,…!,
    I extraordinary love my dear park shin hye!
    My dear park shin hye accept my so sincerely greet from far distance! I kiss you so much! I hope that I meet you in korea,…directly a lot in my longevity!send my so warm greet to all of your so lovely, expert coworkers in these series too!
    Your permanent lover
    kaveh yousefzadeh

    How do you do?
    Some of so surrealistic, symbolic, informative, golden words and phrases:
    Climate wars
    Climate changes so terrible consequences!
    Shocking waves
    Electronic wars
    Ballistic missiles
    Star wars
    Cold war
    Simulations beings
    Cyber wars
    Hackers attack
    Tea ceremony
    Hong Kong
    Shahnameh(epic of kings)
    All is well that ends well!
    Medical crimes
    Various disasters
    Whales mass suicide
    The latest Iran king
    Iran revolution (1978)
    Mafia bands
    28 coup (1953) long term disastrous consequences!
    Although Hong Kong tea ceremony took place last years, but I believe on that the mentioned ceremony origin return to so long years ago(60 years ago or even so more)!what is your opinion?
    As a matter of fact, the origin of calamity about my family return to the 28 coup (1953) consequences, I guess! It seems my mother and father and my other brother,… became sacrifice of long term different unsymmetrical conspiracies subsequent of the DR mozaffari murder by mahmud purjavad too!
    My father and mother martyrdom and my father blind reason,… had relationship with doc mozaffari murder, it seems. If these matters be true, Iran judiciary system (here before of Iran revolution),…become so disgraced and detestable and satanic and inhumane and criminal!
    If this hypothesis be true, a lot of so suspicious long term calamities,…origins be discovered! That is why a lot of persons have said me that our family living narrate Iran revolution era chronologically! And they said that my work, marriage performance and even living narrate Iran latest royal system frustration events too! Just as they said that my mother and father killers are pre-revolution of Iran regime as a matter of fact! Please prove the verity and untruth of these kinds of matters as soon as possible!
    Safavid dynasty frustration!
    Safavid dynasty was one of the Iran middle ages and cruel and man-eating kingdom dynasties!
    Yasa and tribal laws
    Abdolhosein purjavad-mahmud purjavad-DR seyyed ali mozaffari-esmaeil swineherd- hosein monazvi
    Who was abdolhosein purjavad killer?seyyed ali mozaffari or esmaeil swineherd or a groups of people?
    Which of the following persons were right and better and or worse and malicious and criminal vice versa?
    Abdolhosein purjavad or DR seyyed ali mozaffari or mahmud purjavad?
    Mahmud purjavad=avenger and sentimental or killer or insane and nerveless and jealous?
    DR seyyed ali mozaffari educated from one of Canada medical universities and ear and throat and nose expert doc!
    Please say me that one of them was more criminal and guilty?abdolhosein purjavad or doc seyyead ali mozaffari or mahmud purjavad?
    Is it true that if mahmud purjavad wasn’t debased by his father,…in his childhood and he didn’t married with his first wife, he didn’t kill doc mozaffari or not?(of course his first wife was his personal selection too)
    Pahlavi Royal court
    Please say me that doc seyyed ali mozaffari was right or abdolhosein purjavad and or mahmud purjavad?which of them was right or criminal?
    Iran so bad judiciary system in before of Iran revolution,… or vice versa?

    Iran newspapers with a wide circulation (keyhan-ettelaat) in before of the Iran revolution era!
    They said me that I read Iran current newspapers about the 40 years ago events!
    As if we live in 40 or 61 years ago!
    As if my parents had been sacrifice 40 or 61 years ago!
    As if we live in before of Iran revolution!
    Long term disastrous and oppressive and unrelated and inhumane retaliation measures and tit for tat!
    Demonic forces
    Mafia bands
    Soiree in hell!
    Iran latest king flight from Iran!
    Major general motazed ,one of Iranian high ranking retired officers(in before of Iran revolution)
    Imposing different calamities, banning,…chronologically!
    Who made blind my father?
    Who have been imposing different disasters to our family members from long years ago?
    Medical crimes
    Poisonous and fatal foodstuff, bread, water, fruit,foods,…!
    Killing by long term gradual torture!
    Killing by cotton!
    Who killed my so innocent, cute, naive, kind,…father and mother by indirect imposed long term gradual tortures?
    Who were caused my so self-sacrificing father and especially mother that were died from hectic fever for long years, whether by imposing different disasters to their children or by the long term masoud(one of their sons) so shocking and terrible torture ?
    Who exacerbated one of my so intolerable and detestable,…brothers(masoud) mood and nerve system by his banning and presenting of so destructive and pathogenic medicines and so wrong recommendations?
    Who tortured and beated and terrified and insulted my calamity-stricken father and especially mother by my so intolerable, detestable, cruel, fool, savage, egoist,… brother in so horrible and cruelly manners for long years?
    Who killed my father and mother by medical crimes in turn?
    Who impudently accuse me as a liar and visionary person as before?
    Who have been prolonging my job, extracurricular plans and especially my marriage trend for near the 1.5 decades?
    Who have been suspending me for long years deliberately?
    Who have entrusted so energy intensive and useless occupations me in my past workplace?
    Who impudently have intervened in my private matters from olden times and including my past workplace?
    Who made unemployed me in so flagrantly and unforgivable and criminal manner in my past workplace?
    Till don’t become 3, don’t become play (don’t fulfill play)?
    The naughty and jealous and malicious and flatterer and imposter and insane and cruel and liar and heartless and obsessive and sadist and impersonality,… persons and telling things by form of upside down alike Mr mahmud purjavad?
    Mahmud purjavad=fool-obsessive-liar-naughty-sadist-calamity stricken-nerveless-sensless-impersonality-bufallo-bull-ox-mice-cat-lizard-visionary-tricker-egoist-gadfly-bald footballer-bald conspirator-sheep head-trotter-unfortunate- malicious-black eggplant (roasted and fried aubergines), jealous, plotter, flatterer, donkey, monkey, ugly clown and crow, puppet, rabid, savage swine, boar,sly,player,impolite,calamity stricken, custom of time sacrifice,…or not!
    Masoud and mahmud toleration is Herculean task as before.
    Masoud has been a so detestable and intolerable person and so worse than savage and rabid animals from near 35 years ago to now! Why? Because my so golden and wisely recommendations wasn’t performed on him and other persons especially his physicians have worsened his nerve system from those times to now considerably! Because other persons have banned him as a matter of fact. Because he didn’t marry in his adolescence times. Because he studied in so hard university majors. Because he lived in a boring Middle Ages and traditional and weak and oppressed family. Because his family were exposed of different kinds of disasters and banning in practic from olden times. That is why he has relieved all of his cumulative obsessions in so cruelly and savagely manners especially on his mother and father respectively for long years! As a matter of fact ,his physicians,…must have executed and even lynched! Because their diagnosis and recommendations were so wrong and criminally. And they have broken down his mental system in practice.masoud main remedy was his marriage in his adolescence times and he mustn’t have studied in so hard university majors at all. But conversely, his psychiatrists have sickened him completely! And their recommendations and prescriptions have sickened him considerably! Then, from my viewpoint, these groups of docs not only must be executed, but also they must be lynched! As a matter of fact, masoud needed a sympathetic well informed social worker not psychiatrist and even psychologist at all! And the best medicine for him was his continuous pleasure and refreshment and especially his relationship with girls and instant marriage and work and study in so simple fields at most! His remedy was his continues sex with his wife, as a matter of fact at least! He has suffered from psychosexual troubles since 35 years ago. And this matter is so common in traditional and poor families! That is why it is recommended that persons (males and females) must marry in their adolescence times even by all means! Because in these kinds of societies, a person can not sublimate his sexual instinct alike developed and far out societies at all!

    Sham quarrel
    Naughty puppets
    Mahmud purjavad long term behavior about my father and mother was so flagrantly and impolitely and unforgivable too. Because mahmud imagined my mother and especially my father gave his first wife him deliberately in order to his annihilation!
    Of course, mahmud purjavad say lie as before! A conspicuous lie!
    Mahmud say that if he didn’t marry with his first wife, he didn’t kill DR mozaffari afterward and he wasn’t barren! Because his first wife made him very angry and this matter was caused that he became very angry and missed his control and killed DR mozaffari afterward and he failed in his married life and his economical,….living, he said!
    Maybe mahmud needed a slave not a wife! Because mahmud moral was so bad from long years ago too. Because his environmental and society and family and kin conditions weren’t suitable and adapted with his moral norms! Maybe his first wife wasn’t suitable for him too. Although he saw her first wife in his friend shop and then he was fall in love her. And then he referred to my parents,…in order to her wooing!
    Times oppression
    Custom of times so tyrannically terms!
    Long term so troublemaking and disastrous and inhumane imposed football game-killing by cotton-medical crimes-coroners-doc ahmadi-mine field-the seven adventures of Rustam-testing-disaster- fascist and racist and medievalist and devilish forces-rubbish-dirty-fascist and medievalist torturers-…!
    The heartless persons
    The persons that their hearts whistle as before!
    Middle ages training is a privative training=gradual torture=so inhumane!
    Modern training is a positive training=democratic and liberal training!
    Return of dragon
    Stop Negroes killing
    Killers cops
    Apartheid is so abolished and detestable!
    Angry birds
    Testing town
    Birth tower
    The flower face fire burnt nightingale stack!
    The adolescent (especially 11 to 14 years old) belle, nymphet, lass, easygoing, kind
    Happy, attractive, freethinker, voluptuous, Liberal, musician,…girls alike peach and rose water and moon!
    The adolescent, freethinker, cute, attractive,…nymphet and belle girls with blond and lax hair, blue eyes, hairless and tight and tiny pussies, so white crystal breasts, bud lips and tits and narrow waisted body,…are the best options for my future ladyloves including wives and concubine mistresses!
    They said to masoud and mahmud and a lot of other alike persons:
    Jealous can never rest!
    Liar is god enemy!
    It said:
    Watch exactly!
    Law of jungle!
    Tehran is capital of Iran!
    A so unfaithful, liar, dark, cruel, disastrous, Demonic,…world or vice versa?
    Who are our world and countries contemporary demons?
    Masoud=addicted to masturbation-
    psychosexual troubles-sadomasochist-egoist-down syndrome-52 years old-single-obsessive-jealous-sadist-calamity stricken-electuary stricken-torturer his so cute and pitiful father and especially his mother for long years in so cruelly manners-banned-unfortunate- so intolerable and detestable and savage person-clumsy-fool-donkey-lascivious-long term so destructive bachelorship consequences-rubbish-cruel-conscienceless-unfortunate-electuary stricken-boar-buffalo-…!
    Messenger of disaster!
    It said to mahmud and masoud,…:
    God wood doesn’t have voice!
    Christof klomb
    King of hell
    Hearts sultan
    Hearts thief
    Hearts hunter
    Fascist and medievalist and racist forces sacrifices!
    Please introduce and disclose and kill and eradicate all of neo-Nazi and fascist and racist and medievalist forces as soon as possible by all means!
    Rings master
    Solomon ring!
    They said: that Satan governs our world!
    Mohammad ali keley(kasios keley)was a so legendary boxer!
    Mr bin!
    Adam and eve!
    Please say me that which countries administrations have been being disastrous and imposer of different calamities and mankind killer and satanic in world arena including Iran ever since?
    Why mahmud purjavad,…say me that our family sacrifice numbers(3 or 4 persons) aren’t satisfactory at all? As if he wanted all of my family members including I were sacrificed in turn!
    Why mahmud purjavad,…say me that I don’t let my sister run away?
    Who teach mahmud purjavad,…satanic plots against us,…as before?
    Why mahmud purjavad,…accuse me as a liar and visionary persons as before?
    An upside down, upside down world?
    Why some of persons (ordinary and famous figures) hint and show their fingers and fists toward heaven?
    God hand!
    It said: their pillow is earth and their quilt is heaven!
    Mahmud purjavad said:I don’t toy (plaything)anymore!
    Mahmud purjavad,…said:
    I wasn’t, my hand was, my sleeve guilt was!
    God behest!?
    Or Satanic forces behest!
    Which persons and administrations are good and bad in world?
    Yalan donya(a Turkish phrase that means our world is liar)!
    Troublemaker and disastrous football game!
    Inspection of thought!
    Dark ages and fascism era torturers and thugs!
    Modern azrael!
    Masker azrael!
    Masker killer azrael!
    Satanic sects
    remote control
    So satanic misusing from technological achievements!
    Hitler suicide
    World war
    Black sea
    Monster of sea
    Bermuda triangle
    Climate changes so destructive and unbelievable consequences!
    Giant of sea
    A changing world!
    Change world right now!
    Wait a little, dawn is near!
    Glad tidings!
    It said:
    You do good and pour them to Tigris(one of Iraqi rivers),that god redress in desert for you!
    Is it true that a so beautiful, nice, attractive, kind,…girl wait for marriage with me as before?
    I hope that she be adolescent, freethinker, musician, easygoing,…surely!
    It said that the mentioned girl is from kashan city(kashan is Iran rose water center)!
    I hope that I marry with the best belle, freethinker, adolescent, kind, nymphet,…girls right now!
    but it said that it merely take place after my so intolerable ,detestable, unfortunate, egoist, barbarian, savage, rubbish, electuary-stricken brother untimely death as a result of heart halt and or cancer and or other infected diseases alike pulmonary diseases,…!
    They said to persons alike mahmud and masoud:
    Forget not the retribution for your actions!
    Merely fafa barnacles(a kind of barnacles made from plum)!
    I can not tolerate and hold my so intolerable, sadist, jealous, obsessive, electuary stricken,…brother till doomsday by myself!
    Masoud ululant!
    Masoud electuary!

    I am so thankful that you show my friends and enemies by their talks and deeds and behaviors without they notice as before!
    For example mahmud purjavad ,…hypocritically, flagrantly, suspiciously, flatteringly, foolishly, …talking and deeds and behaviors show their real intentions, essence,…on our family and i without they notice! they imagine that they are using crafty means on us,…! But instead their behaviors and talks,…reflect their personal peculiarities vividly! This matter can generalize to a lot of other persons alike masoud too!
    Why mahmud say lie,…as before! And he attributes all of his personal peculiarities to others including us vice versa!
    For example he says: whatever an ape be uglier, it play so more proficiently!
    Please indirectly warn to mahmud and masoud that they don’t rampage and wrangle at our home as before! And they don’t lie and seek excuse and relieve their cumulative obsessions at our home any longer!
    Mahmud say:he/she has reached to her/him living end! I don’t understand his intention exactly! It may that he refers to masoud!
    World belong to lovers?
    Christopher klomb
    Alfred noble
    Noble prize
    Heaven bride
    Resurrection morning
    Mice city!
    Kings made blind these eyes!
    Medical crimes
    Genocide is forbidden!
    Crocodile tears
    Jefri= masoud at most!
    I never let my other remainder family members alike my big brother and sister be sacrificed by medical crimes,…ways afterward!
    Please elaborate about my fiancee qualifications whether about her appearance, mood, age, thought,… to me as soon as possible in detail! I hope that she be the most beautiful, attractive, belle, adolescent, freethinker, cute, easygoing, musician,…!
    Please say her that she obligates to contacts me directly right away!
    My so emergency priority is my marriage in Iran at the outset of course! Otherwise I must go one of my favorite countries as soon as possible by other benevolent,….persons broad cooperation alike you(in order to refreshment, dental works, part-time jobs and traineeship,….)free of charge! It said that the mentioned belle,…girl is from kashan city. I hope that she shave her pubic areas, armpit, leg,…completely before meeting with me. And she wear red dress, underwear, shorts,… alike rose flower anytime!
    Hereafter, no one right to play football with me and test me and lie me! This matter generalize to m

  12. I never let my other remainder family members alike my big brother and sister be sacrificed by medical crimes,…ways afterward!
    Please elaborate about my fiancee qualifications whether about her appearance, mood, age, thought,… to me as soon as possible in detail! I hope that she be the most beautiful, attractive, belle, adolescent, freethinker, cute, easygoing, musician,…!
    Please say her that she obligates to contacts me directly right away!
    My so emergency priority is my marriage in Iran at the outset of course! Otherwise I must go one of my favorite countries as soon as possible by other benevolent,….persons broad cooperation alike you(in order to refreshment, dental works, part-time jobs and traineeship,….)free of charge! It said that the mentioned belle,…girl is from kashan city. I hope that she shave her pubic areas, armpit, leg,…completely before meeting with me. And she wear red dress, underwear, shorts,… alike rose flower anytime!
    Hereafter, no one right to play football with me and test me and lie me! This matter generalize to my family members, kin,…too!
    And everyone obligate to eulogize me increasingly too! Because I have tolerated different unforgivable oppressions from olden times to now and satanic forces have been entangling me from long years ago and they killed my parents and because I hold and tolerate my so intolerable brother as before by myself! And because,…!

    Warn to the persons alike mahmud purjavad right away too!
    I wait for my first adolescent, freethinker, belle, easygoing, kind, attractive, liberal first wife direct contact with me right now! Say her that she must severely apologize me at the outset surely!
    I expect that I get rid of from this so intolerable, disastrous, inhumane, unforgivable, boring, oppressively long term imposed suspension and entanglement!
    Dr akbar tavakkoli ghinani is friend or enemy?
    DR akbar tavakkoli ironically said me once: we don’t want to kill all of your family members!
    Apollo Samovar!
    Why DR akbar tavakkoli,…said contradictory and menacing matters me? In order to my torture or deceit or testing,…?
    I don’t have Noah longevity and job patience!
    Please introduce and show all of my enemies and friends, even by their deeds and tongues without they notice henceforth!(even they be my family members and kin)!
    The best ages for my future wives and concubine mistresses are as following:
    1- 10 to 14=so excellent
    2-14 to 16=excellent
    3-16 to 18=good
    4-18 to 20=relatively good
    5-20 to 25=medium
    6-25 to 30=reluctancy medium
    7-30 to 35=bad
    8-35 to 40=so bad
    9-more than 40=so terrible and shocking and horrible (canceled 100 percent)
    Therefore, the best ages for my future wives and concubine ladyloves has putted in the mentioned first or second ranking at most!
    I hope that I rejuvenate with continuous marriage with these groups of girls everlasting!
    Of course, on condition that they be so belle, freethinker easygoing,…! If they sing and dance,…for me forever, my living change to a real paradise as well!
    I wish I could rejuvenate till my death moment by permanent marriage and lovemaking with these groups of girls!
    Any way, please contact with my first fiancee and stress and pressurize her increasingly in order to hasten her marriage with me, of course if she have my requirements right away. I hope that she be so belle, freethinker, adolescent (1 th and 2th ranking), happy, liberal, easygoing,…!
    I hope that I marry right away!
    Because satanic forces have been entangling and suspending me from olden times and they killed my parents and they made unemployed me,… too!
    Firstly marriage or going to overseas countries necessarily!
    Secondly extracurricular plans!
    Thirdly work and extracurricular plans according to my resume and standards merely!
    Extracurricular plans are my first priority everlasting!
    They must fine heavily to me right away!
    And their least fine is presenting the most beautiful, adolescent, freethinker,
    Easygoing, belle, nymphet, cute, happy,…girls as my future wives and concubine mistresses to me henceforth! My marriage with my first adolescent and freethinker and belle,…wife must be performed right now!
    Satanic and fascist forces have been lengthening my marriage trend so terribly and unforgivable! It is so time intensive! Warn them that my,…retaliation measures will be so dreadful, unsymmetrical, if they want to continue their so inhumane tasks and plots against me as before! Or they want to sacrifice my other remainder family members afterward!
    Please disclose and introduce liar, jealous, malicious, hypocrite, plotter, sadist, thug,…persons everlasting!
    Mahmud purjavad,…are our enemy or friend?
    Of course in recent years some of persons show their real intentions, without they notice!
    Resurrection morning
    End of world
    Zoro mask
    Marriage in resurrection day!
    My martyr mother and father were their children, especially masoud, scapegoats as a matter of fact!
    Why mahmud purjavad,…lie me,… as before?
    Testing or deliberately obstruction or jealousy or revenge or sadism or conspiracy or defraudation,…?
    Professor fazlollah reza articles about racism and racial discrimination so destructive consequences!
    They said:
    The greenest spring for you!
    I end my so golden informative talks temporarily!
    I have no more to say!
    Take care yourself a lot!
    Kaveh yousefzadeh
    Hello my dearest madam park shin he, Korea Damascus rose!
    How do you do?
    Again I congratulate new year to you and other Korean so lovely superstars and singers,…especially the boys over flower and bali memories superstars and singers,…!
    Firstly I want to gratify from you and your so lovely compatriots that present the best marvelous romantic series as before. Now, I am watching the boys over flowers series, a so interesting series. This dawn, I want to watch its 13 episode. After watching this so good series ,I intend to watch the bali memories series.
    I want to say that I love these kinds of series so much. From my childhood, I wished to watch these so interesting series. Unfortunately, I couldn’t success to watch these so interesting of series from those times. Although, in recent years, I have found my permanent lost dream at lost. These kinds of series have been my severe interest case from my childhood. Bravo! A million times bravo to you and your so lovely compatriots that shine in the best romantic series as before. I wish I could success to watch these kinds of series without censorship. But I have heard that foreign romantic and erotic series be censored, whether they be Korean or non Korean in my homeland!
    Anyway, these kinds of romantic series are my favorite case extraordinary. The boys over flowers series is a so dreamful, beautiful romantic series about high school students amorously adventures! It is so cool! I prefer to watch teenagers romantic adventures to other ages (adults) groups all the time! Even, I wish that my future ladyloves(wives and concubine mistresses)be merely teen and adolescent girls.
    From my viewpoint, Korean romantic series songs and singers have so amazingly effect in their popularity enhancement. I mean, if you omit these so romantic beautiful songs from series, their beauty decrease considerably. Then, I expect Korean future romantic series have so more romantic and erotic songs and scenes hereafter! I extraordinary love Korean romantic and heart rending and lovely songs and series! I love romantic series with triangular loves pivot so much too. Please, if it may, consider my recommendations in your country romantic future series by all means!
    I frankly assert that I haven’t seen the series and movies alike these so romantic and dreamful Korean series hitherto.
    A million bravo to you and other so lovely Korean superstars that shine in romantic series as before!
    The play of the boys of flower series superstars is so cool! please send my deep thanking them, here Mr lee min ho and F4 groups, especially the blond hair actor that it seems that his name be Mr Jung Yong Hwa(a so Korean popular superstar) , and all of other so lovely superstars that shine in this series especially Mr lee min ho and Jung Yong Hwa common lover(unfortunately, I don’t know her name temporarily),…!all of them shine in this series amazingly! A million bravo to them! Beforehand, I thank from my other lovely superstar, namely madam ha ji won that is the bali,…series protagonist too.
    Other matter!
    My dearest madam park shin hye! Is it possible that you send an invitation letter from Korea to me right now? If I come Korea, my morale recovers considerably. Please don’t refer me to other countries alike Sweden,…!I will become so glad that I can meet you and other Korean so lovely superstars many time directly. I can do my dental services and find a part time job in your country in order to repay my dental services and livelihood and refreshment expenditures,…gradually too! I wish I could trip to your country many times in my longevity. I wish that I could meet you,…in your homes!
    Next matter!
    Is it possible that your media and you read all of my past so informative letters and then promote for me and cooperate me and justify my so real talks and writings verity? You can introduce all of satanic forces that have been imposing different entanglement, boycotts and disasters,….to my family and I in practice even from before of my birth! For example, who made blind my father? Who killed my mother and father by long term gradual tortures and disasters? Who killed them,….in turn? who…?
    Next matte:
    Please say me that when I get ride of from this so long term imposed disastrous conspiracy and suspension and entanglement,…?when I marry exactly, for instance? Because I have received my marriage ok! When, where, whom I marry exactly?
    After my so intolerable, electuary stricken, sadomasochist, liar, jealous,….brother untimely death? isfahan or kashan or other city? A beautiful girl from kashan called rose water, child of Solomon,….or other girls?
    Please say my marriage exact date as soon as possible!
    I hope my future ladyloves (wives and concubine mistresses including this girl) be so belle, nymphet, freethinker, liberal,
    Adolescent, cute, musician, attractive, sexy, Intelligentsia,….! The best ages for them are among 11 to 14 at most!
    Please promote for me henceforth! Because SS and neo-nazi and middle ages and devilish and malicious forces have been entangling me from 15 years ago again. They killed my parents previously too. They impudently accuse me as a liar and visionary person as before too!
    Any way, please promote and publicize for me henceforth! Your so benevolently and praiseworthy and humanitarian tasks can save a lot of persons, including my remainder family members from future probable calamities and diseases, conspiracies,…hereafter! Your so humanitarian tasks can disclose and show all of my enemies sinister plots and hasten my marriage,….trend as well! I can not tolerate and hold my so egoist, detestable, sadist, unfortunate, Electuary stricken,…brother till doomsday by myself any longer! His toleration is Herculean task as before! Please say me when I marry exactly? two week later, one year later, two year later and less or more? If my marriage trend is time intensive as before, please cooperate me for coming your country. Please disclose and introduce all of liars, plotter, jealous, heartless, Thug, racist, fascist, jealous, medievalist,…persons and SS and neo-Nazi forces and their so worthless mercenaries whether they inhabit in Iran or overseas! I hope that I marry with so nymphet, freethinker, belle, adolescent (11 to 14 years old), cute, happy, liberal, intellectual, sexy, voluptuous, pretty, easygoing, musician, singer,…girls right now!
    I love foreigners so lovely adolescent, freethinker,…girls too. I wish they be my future wives and girlfriends too!
    Temporarily, I bid farewell you!
    I kiss you from far distance so much!
    I love you so much as before!
    Take care!
    Your lover
    kaveh yousefzadeh

    Some of so golden words,…!
    World war 3 or 4?
    Vicarious wars
    Cyber attacks
    Climate wars
    Crack of doom
    Hypersonic fighters
    End of world
    Medical crimes
    Different disasters
    Bermuda triangle
    Sea monster
    Sea giant
    Dragon rage
    God rage
    Sham quarrel
    Air pollution
    Water pollution
    Liar and heartless persons
    Topsy turvey
    Mad cows
    Love famine
    Race discrimination
    Inspection of thoughts
    Gradual tortures
    Don’t kill Negro!
    No holocaust!
    No genocide!
    Fascist and racist forces
    Inspection of though
    Neo-Nazi forces
    Law of jungle
    Resurrection morning
    An upside down and liar and unfaithful world
    Different disastrous football games
    Mine fields
    Mouse trap
    Ballistic missiles
    The seven adventures of rustam
    Tea ceremony
    Hong Kong
    Christopher klomb
    Demonic forces
    All is well that ends well!
    Glad tidings
    Color of god!
    Heartless persons
    Good and bad Pinocchio
    Rose water
    Nymphet+ belle +freethinker+
    Adolescent (11 to 14 years old)+cute+ musician+ voluptuous+ modern+ easygoing+ kind+ liberal+ attractive+…girls are the best options for me as my future wives and concubine mistresses and ladyloves!
    Stars war
    Simulation beings
    Remote control
    Shocking waves
    Waves war
    Change world disastrous and tyrannical terms as soon as possible!
    Mr Bin!
    Satanic sects
    Thank you!

    the boys over series theme and playing ,….is my severe interest case! from my childhood to now ,i love these kinds of series extraordinary! Unfortunately for many years i didn’t succeeded to watch these so lovely series! But, henceforth, I want to watch the kinds of series till my death times eagerly!
    Thank you so much!
    Please send my so thankfully message to the boys of flower series singers, players ,…!
    Please send my so lovely kiss to my dearest madam Ku Hye-sun and her girl friend in this series and other Korean superstar that was Mr lee min ho other girl friend,… that I don’t know their names!
    Please send my so sincerely greet to Mr lee min ho and f4 groups,…so much too!
    I love this series as a matter of fact!
    These kinds of series are my severe interest cases as before!
    Bravo! a million times bravo!
    I wish in future romantic series, the songs and romantic scenes be so more!
    Because Korean romantic songs increase Korean series popularity a lot!
    Thank you!
    I kiss you so much!
    Take care!
    Be happy, healthy, successful everlasting!
    Have a long sweet, happy longevity!
    I kiss you so much again!
    I hope that I meet you,…in Korea many times in my longevity!
    Take care!

    Hi my dearest madam park shin hye,Korea Damascus rose!
    How do you do? now, I am watching the bali memories series, episode of 14!
    I want to say you that I love these kinds of series extraordinary!
    A lot of Korean stars shine in this series!
    This series first cast is my dearest madam ha ji won! Her acting is so cool as before! The other players acting are so good as well! It seems that the thousands years of love series players (two superstars of the mentioned series) shine in this series too.
    My dearest madam ha ji won love rival acting in this series, namely the bali…, is so splendid too. Please send my kiss to my dearest madam ha ji won and her love rival that I don’t know her name so much! Please send my so greet to the other of the mentioned series superstars, especially that two superstars who brilliantly played in the thousands of years love series too! Please send my so greet to all of this so good and interesting and lovely series players, directors,…! I love these kinds of series so much! A milliard bravo to all of so nice figures that have made the Bali memories series, a so beautiful lovely series! Especially a milliard bravo to my dearest madam ha ji won and her co-stars that shine in this series so much! Even,I like to watch these so lovely series a million times repetitious in my longevity! I never tire from watching these so pretty romantic series, even if I watch them a million times repetitive!
    I wish that in future Korean series, the romantic songs and scenes and dialogs be so more! Especially the romantic songs! Because the romantic songs have so pivotal role in Korean romantic series popularity, I think!
    I wish I could watch these kinds of series without censorship! I promise you that if these kinds of series be showed in my homeland, an unbelievable huge groups of people welcome them so much, especially if they be showed without censorship!
    Anyway, I extremely love these kinds of series! I wish I had watched these kinds of so marvelous series from my childhood! Again I notify that I love to watch these kinds of so interesting series without dubbing! Because their dubbing decrease their aesthetic aspects a lot, I think!
    I end my talks temporarily! I love to watch these so cool series with the English or Persian subtitle! I have no more to say!
    I kiss you from far distance so much!
    I hope that I could meet you and my other so favorite Korean superstars including my dearest madam ha ji won in especially Korea many times in my longevity!
    Be happy, healthy, successful everlasting!
    Take care!
    Your permanent lover
    Kaveh yousefzadeh
    13 feb 2015

    Hi my dearest madam park shin hye!
    How do you do?
    Please send my water and deep kiss to the Bali memories series superstars, namely my dearest madam ha ji won and madam Park Ye Jin !their playing in the Bali memories series are so marvelous and admirable!
    The acting of Mr So Ji Sup and and Jo In Sung, the thousands of years love superstars, are so admirable as well. The other actors and actresses shined in this so good and lovely and unforgettable series too! Send my deep greet to all of them! A million bravo to them!
    Thank you!
    I kiss you so much!
    Take care!
    Your sincerely
    Kaveh yousefzadeh
    24 feb 2015

    So Symbolic and meaningful words:
    Why they called me daei!
    Daei=ali daei=Iran most famous footballer =symbol of Iran present leader?
    Please declare and warn to any one that doesn’t call me with these kinds of phrases any longer ignorantly or deliberately (even if they have positive intention). No one let to speak allusively with me with these kinds of phrases and any other allusive and ambiguous and mysterious word and sentence any more.
    I am kaveh yousefzadeh.so any person merely permit to call me Mr (I mean agha,its Persian translation)hereafter.
    No one dare to intervene and obstruct and,…in my private matters(alike marriage, work, going to overseas, style of living,…), henceforth too.
    After this, No one dare to play any disastrous football with me in order to imposture, sabotage, testing,…in my different private matters(alike my marriage, work, living style, going to my favorite countries,…). No one can defraud and deceive me hereafter easily. I will heighten their sinister, jealousy plots costs against me a lot, hereafter. Their intervention, jealousy,…may to end to their death too. I am alike eagle and tiger forever. So, henceforth, any person that want to envy against me, her/his eyes will blind by jealousy. From now, I will be so cruel against my sinister and malignant and jealous and sadist and cursed enemies.

    I love nymphet, belle, freethinker, kind, adolescent
    , Junior secondary school pupils, musician, actress, liberal, modern, happy, voluptuous, cute,…girls for marriage, lovemaking,…right now!
    The so adolescent belle, nymphet girls with blond hair, blue eye, tiny, tight, bald and complete shaved pussies, crystal breast,…!
    I can not wait for till masoud 3 whistle untimely death! His toleration is Herculean task as before! I can not hold and nurse and tolerate him by myself till resurrection morning! Please cooperate me in order to speed up my marriage or going to my favorite oversea countries!
    Milad tower
    Iran revolution
    Iran latest king run away ,Mohammad reza pahlavi!
    Tea ceremony
    Hong Kong
    Christof klomb
    Tehran is Iran capital!
    Football game
    Troublemaker football game
    Mine field
    Suffering and testing
    Glad tidings
    Firstly marriage or going to favorite foreign countries!
    Secondly extracurricular plans and work only according to my resume and standard!
    4 legal wives and limitless nymphet concubine mistresses are so good option for me!
    Pleasure and happiness!
    Taghi here never mean 9!
    Taghi mean masoud at most!
    I never let that taghi become 9!
    Rose water
    Lass and nymphet and belle and modern and musician and singer and kind,…adolescent girls are so good options for me in order to marriage,friendship,lovemaking,…!
    The nymphet, belle,…girls merely with hedonic and humanitarian ideologies!
    I extremely abhor to marry with the girls with middle ages ideologies even if they be so belle, adolescent,…!
    War front
    Warlike football game
    Entrench please!
    Never hint to sky (god) with your fingers hereafter!
    Introduce all of satanic forces in around of world!
    God put in our conscience and inside beauty as a matter of fact!
    Vice versa
    They severely mistake that hint to god and heaven!
    Take care
    Kind regards
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

    Hello my dearest madam park shin hye!
    Finally i saw the Bali memories series completely. It is so good series. Madam ha ji won and her costars shinned in this series a lot. Bravo!
    Of course, if the series had so more romantic songs and scenes and dialogs, its popularity increased so more, I think. Any way i love these kinds of series so much. Of course, i prefer the heirs and boys over flower series. It may that it return to teenagers love adventures too. Because i extremely love the romantic series about teenagers. Even i love the series about love adventure alike me,45 and teen groups of people too. Even I wish i could marry with belle, freethinker, actress, nymphet adolescent,….girls.
    Any way the Bali series is so cool, of course after the heirs and boys over flower series.
    Thank you!
    I like to watch these kinds of series a million times repetitions. I don’t saturate from watching these kinds of series at all. I wish these kinds of series be without censorship and without manipulation in translation.
    The Bali memories series is a so good series. My dearest madam ha ji won and her lovely costars shine in this series as before. Thank you very much!
    I have no more to say.
    I kiss you and madam ha ji won and her rival lover madam park….in this series so much!
    i hope that i meet all of you in Korea many times.
    I miss you so much!
    It may that I start to watching the sad love story series for forth time soon. Then I intend to watch the Bali and boys over flower and tale of a geisha,…series again. I will provide Pinocchio series later too. I hope your new series, beauty inside release soon too.

    Take care
    your lover
    kaveh yousefzadeh
    Feb 22,2015

  13. kaveh yousefzadeh

    i kiss and bear hug my so deaest ha ji won,park shin hye,lee bo young,lee young ae,kim su hyun and other so lovely Korean superstars and singers from far distance a lot!
    i wish i could meet them in my longevity so much!i wish i could live them forever!i wish our multilateral so intimate and romantic friendship continue forever!
    i miss them a lot!again i kiss and smack and cuddle them from far distance so much!
    take care
    your permanent lover
    kaveh yousefzadeh

  14. Iran revolution anniversary so congratulate!
    what have been king of hell?
    Pahlavi has been demonic and creator of long term engineered diseases and disasters and discrimination,….and so detestable and bad or not?

  15. kaveh yousefzadeh

    Hello my dearest madam ha ji won!
    How do you do? Now I am watching one of your other films namely closer to heaven movie. Your so cute kind and beautiful and sentimental play in this film make me so happy.
    I love you so much!
    I wish I could live with my so lovely Korean superstars and you everlasting!
    I wish I could meet you and my other so lovely stars in Korea many times in my longevity at least!
    I wish you send multifarious letter of invitations from your homeland whether now or afterward!
    I love you so much!
    I wish I could kiss and bear hug you in your country a lot!
    I miss you forever!
    I kiss and bear hug my dearest madams park shin hye,song yu ri,lee bo young,asami reina,kim sae ron,you in young,…from far distance so much as well.
    I extremely love you and other Korean actresses that shine in romantic series brilliantly as well!
    Finally again I kiss you from far distance so much!
    I extremely love you and your so lovely shining in your films and series!
    Kiss kiss!
    Take care!
    Your permanent lover
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

  16. kaveh yousefzadeh

    hello my dearest madams:park shin hye,ha ji won,song yu ri and other so lovely and popular superstars!
    how do you do?as before i wait for one of your letter of invitations issuing from your homeland.i miss all of you everlasting!i wish i could live beside you or i triped to your country in my lifetime a lot.i can not take a leap in the dark as before.that is why i expect that you adopt a method that i receive a letter of invitation from your homeland at once.when i meet you,i feel euphoric.because i love your life styles,…that you present in your so attractive series!the doctors series is so good series as well.now i am watching its eights episode eagerly.
    in any case ,i expect that if i can not live alongside you,i receive letter of invitation from your homeland forever.because i wish i could trip your country regularly in my longevity. because i will be refreshed fundamentally,if i can come your homeland forever.
    i kiss and bear hug all of you from far distance so much!
    take care!
    your permanent lover

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