Han Ga In vs Suzy’s Fashion at the “Introduction to Architecture” Press Conference

I just can’t hold it to give some comments of this lovely female celebrities, Han Ga In and Miss A Suzy who attended the press conference of their new movie “Introduction to Architecture.”

Han Ga In came with a very simple hot pink long dress. Unfortunately I think it’s too plain and pale without any significant accessories. That bangle doesn’t help anything. Her body line is hidden somewhere. Oh, don’t you think even a currently-the-talk-of-the-town actress still needs to make herself stunning on public event? I actually have an interest in her silver shoes, but again unfortunately the boring long dress kind of hides them.

Meanwhile, Suzy appeared with youthful spirit that show in her fashion. It’s actually a simple performance with that simple white shirt. But don’t you think her short skirt really eye catching? And the open-toe ankle boots: hot! Sometimes you don’t need any extravagance dress to be fashionable or wear glowing accessories to be stunning.

My vote is definitely for Suzy this time. She looks cute!

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