The Fashion Report from “The Neighbors” VIP Premiere

On August 20, the thriller movie “The Neighbors” (이웃사람) held the VIP premiere. The movie that played  by Kim Yoon Jin, Cheon Ho Jin, Ma Dong Seok, Kim Seong Gyun, Jang Yeong Nam, and Kim Sae Ron, will be officially released on August 22nd. This movie  tells about serial killer who hide among the normal neighborhood. The plot will be full of tension since the movie describes how the neighbors solve the murder case and try to find the serial killer on their neighborhood.

But this time, on my summer holiday i don’t want to talk about this serious and heavy movie. Let’s make it playful with the talk of something light.. On this event i’m really interested in talking about the fashion taste of the guests, especially the girls.

That night, beside the actors from “The Neighbors” so many celebrities also came to that event,  Park Bo Yeong, Ha Ji Won, Jung So Min, Shin Bong Sun, Hwang Bo, Baek Jin Hee, Yoon So Yi, Kim Yoon Hye, Park Eun Hye, Park Min Ji , Park Hyo Joo,  and more. They appeared so simple but fashionable, colorful, and chic. This time, the girls chose mini skirt, mini dress, stripe, neon colors, for representing the summer vibe, and of course..there were more beautiful legs…

Comedian Shin Bong Sun and Hwang Bo, posed together, they both looked simple in white. Shin Bong Sun looked modest just wearing white blouse and blue pants, while Hwang Bo looked confident with her stripped pants.

Although wearing black, Baek Jin Hee became so adorable with this outfits, and i love her shoes.

Ha Ji Won looked younger in abstract patterned mini skirt, and i never complain for the shoes she chose, she never makes mistakes..

That night the safari theme for Jung So Min. She had zebra and leopard, looked wild but chic and free..

Stripped again, but Yoon So Yi looked so lovely, because she combined it with loose pink pants. the shoes looked very comfortable.

I love Kim Yoon Hye’s appearance that night. She knows this is summer, so she wore orange-blue flowered mini dress, and looked so fresh and vibrant

Stripped on top, and green on bottom, Park Bo Yeong looked so cute, and i want her shoulder bag.

i still don’t know what exactly on top, that was a dress or just loose blouse? but Park Eun Hye put vest at outside that make her looked fashionable,

Park Min Ji didn’t want too complicated her appearance. She still looked fashionable, even though just wearing blue blouse and lacy white mini skirt. Beside her, Park Hyo Joo looked so free by wearing the shirt and mini skirt, and the shoes just perfect for her.

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