Han Ji Min Join With Yoochun for “Rooftop Prince”

Actually this role first offered to Moon Chae Won but she refused maybe because she wanted to take a rest for a while from princess or prince things after “Princess’s Man”. Then, this role was offered  to Han Ji Min, and on January 18th the official  said that Han Ji Min agreed to acting alongside her younger collegue, Yoochun, for the fantasy drama “Rooftop Prince”.

I can’t say “Rooftop Prince” is the sageuk drama, maybe this is pseudo-sageuk drama. “Rooftop” tells about young prince from Joseon era who doing travel time. After his beloved princess died he decide to jumping time to 21th century to find her again as her reincarnation. I think Han Ji Min is the nice choice for this role. she’s quite expert becoming the traditional girl (“Jewel in The Palace”, “Capital Scandal” and “Yi San”), and also becomingthe modern girl (“Cain and Abel” and “Padam Padam”), and every body loves this tiny and cute noona.. ;)

Lately Han Ji Min still busy on “Padam Padam.” “Rooftop Prince” has to be released on March 14 on SBS to replace “Take Care of Us, Captain”.

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  1. I love Ha jin min and Yoochun park as known in the character park ha & lee gak they are beutiful loveteam. .. .really i wish they had real relationship like a girlfriend&boyfriend things…and also i wish in seoul too, so i was able to see them in personal…love you park and lee gak mwahhh

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