Have you watched TVN’s “Nine: Time Traveling Nine Times”?


TVN’s newest Monday-Tuesday drama, “Nine (나인)”, has reached their fourth episodes this week. So far, I like this drama and I think it’s good to recommend you guys to also watch it. Just like the title, the story is about time traveling experience of a rich anchor man who is suffered from a brain tumor named Park Seon Woo. The time travel destination is specific: to the year of 1992. And the means of his time traveling is an incense.

Park Seon Woo is played by the handsome actor Lee Jin Wook. His story began with the death of his brother, Park Jeong Woo (played by Jeon No Min), who was in a journey in Nepal. Along with his dead body there were a note, a lighter, and an incense which he held so tight even after the body became lifeless. Park Seon Woo remembered a year before his brother said that he was going to Nepal to search something that could bring them to their live in the past, the life when their father was still alive. Park family is wealthy, for the father was a doctor, Jeong Woo was also a doctor, and they lived happily in a very big house. The life Park family had after the death of their father is very gloomy. The big brother became obsessed with something about getting back to the past, the mother is suffered from mental problem that she can’t speak and hospitalized, and Seon Woo grew up to be a bleak character. The only moment where he looks a bit relax is when he was with his junior slash co-worker girl friend, Joo Min Yeong (played by Jo Yoon Hee).


As he noticed that whenever he burned the incense he experienced a weird journey to the past, to 20 years before, and even had a contact with the younger him (played by ZE:A’s Park Hyeong Shik), he tried to find out more about the incense. In short he got the information that his brother journey to Nepal was in the quest to search for the legendary 10 incenses that can bring people to the past. Jeong Woo was just given one by someone he met and told that with that one incense he could travel back the time and took the rest of nine incense hidden by the original owner in a guesthouse.So Seon Woo traveled back to Nepal and managed to get the nine incenses. As he changed bit by bit of the past, his present time also changed. And this is when the story gets more and more interesting.


Romance part of this drama between Park Seon Woo and Joo Min Yeong is an adult type. I mean, just like in Lee Jin Wook’s previous drama “I Need Romance 2012”, you will find a lot of kissing and making out. :D But I like the way Seon Woo and Min Yeong go with their relationship, casual in some way…pretty much because of Seon Woo’s stern personality. But in the fourth episode last time, we just found out that their relationship had started long before they “officially” met in their adulthood. So as Seon Woo changed one bit in the past related to his brother’s issue, he also changed the present of Min Yeong.



And do you think Park Hyeong Shik resembles the young Lee Jin Wook well in their character of Park Seon Woo? :)


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  1. i really like this drama..wonderful story and characters..hope you can make recap for it..

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