7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 5 Summary

7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 5 started when Seo Won sat for the interview. She passed smoothly for Mi Rae’s questions related to “dream job” topic. Seo Won was about to walk out of the room when Phil Hoon stopped her and asked, “What is your name?” while seeing the application form.

Seo Won said her name Kim Jeong Won and tried to convince Phil Hoon that it’s her real name, as well as her ID number, her address and her father’s occupation. Then Phil Hoon asked again, “Do you have boy friend?” AT first Seo Won was objected by the question but Phil Hoon gave her an argument she couldn’t win over so she just simply said, “Yes I do have and we love each other.” Mi Rae right guessed Phil Hoon that Kim Jeong Won was someone he had known before, but Phil Hoon didn’t admit it.


Just like Seo Won who was actually very uncomfortable with the mission her trainers gave her but had no option but to just do it, Phil Hoon wondered if Seo Won coming to his company was part of NIS mission. He called Trainer Kim and directly asked about it. But the smart Kim Won Seok said it was not NIS mission because not long after Han Gil Ro left NIS, Kim Seo Won also left the agency for pursuing her dream career in broadcasting. Phil Hoon didn’t really buy it easily, but then he asked his trainer to check on Seo Won’s application and tell him if all information there were true. Kim Won Seok pretended they’re all true. “But still it’s strange,” Phil Hoon insisted. No matter how hard he tried, Trainer Kim would always stay in his words.


Seo Won was also still thinking of this hard mission that she had to spy on Gil Ro when Do Ha suddenly came visiting her at home, bringing ramyeon and beer. The two looked even closer than before. Seo Won complained to Do Ha why she was the only one who didn’t know the detail of this mission before it started and it turned out to be related with Han Gil Ro. Do Ha finally told her that a month ago, when everyone was left for traveling, the NIS got him a mission to sneak in Han’s house to check on secret safe box.
I don’t know why this current Do Ha was so clumsy, or should I say comical?, in doing his job. I mean, he’s supposed to be the cool guy who does his job perfectly. But while he’s checking on items in Han’s house, he was kind of playing with them (while checking on them) and even put back a wall decoration in a wrong position. When he was about to get out, he was late because Han Phil Hoon was already in his house and noticed something was not right.Do Ha was caught in a fight with Phil Hoon and almost didn’t make it.


DO Ha said Seo Won would succeed in the job interview because Gil Ro liked her. And she remembered those old days when Han Gil Ro sang her a happy birthday song on the air and their bad “break up.” Seo Won was trying to hush out DO Ha when suddenly Gil Ro or now Han Phil Hoon called her and actually was already right in front of her door. Seo Won tried so hard not to open the door, but that just made Gil Ro distrust her that her information in the application form was fake. Seo Won showed herself and Phil Hoon just burst in. Do Ha was stumbling down looking for a hiding place. And when he managed to hide himself inside a cupboard, he accidentally disturbed the drying line and it broke down showing Seo Won’s bras. Being upset, Seo Won agreed to go out with Phil Hoon. “Let’s get out to buy some water!” she yelled.


Seo Won told Phil Hoon the same story like Trainer Kim had told him. But she didn’t give any explicit information related to her boy friend’s identity. Then Phil Hoon asked if she’s gonna ask him for a help to make her work in his company. Seo Won kept her pride, she’s just not that kind of girl. Seo Won tried to leave, but Phil Hoon kept trying to keep her stay still until Seo Won screamed it out, “I’m going to see my boy friend!” So Phil Hoon let her go.


The busiest person after Seo Won and Phil Hoon’s meeting was Trainer Kim. He received calls from both sides. Seo Won told him about the meeting and about how she wished she didn’t get the job. Meanwhile Phil Hoon also told him about the meeting and asked about the truth about Seo Won’s parents. But at that time, Phil Hoon was bringing water to Seo Won’s apartment because earlier she said the water didn’t come out in her house and she was going with him to buy some water. And even though at first Seo Won was reluctant to take it, she took them anyway because she did really need those water.


And Seo Won finally got the job. She had Trainer Jang and Sun Mi as her fashion QC.

In the IT&TI company, Mr.Han Ju Man was visited by his wife when Mi Rae was in the room. Mrs.Han said that she knew there’s a rumour in the company that Phil Hoon would likely to marry Mi Rae,but she personally against this idea and wanted Phil Hoon to marry someone opposite to Mi Rae. And the rumour was really spread in the company non other by the curly noisy men, even in their briefing to the new employees, which included Seo Won.And when Seo Won was on her way to her department, she saw a shocking scene which kind of tell that the rumour was likely to be true. Phil Hoon was on his way when he came across Mi Rae. That woman was giving her some advices but in a flirting way and even tidying up Phil Hoon’s nectie pin. The overwhelmed Phil Hoon couldn’t do anything about it but was more shock knowing that Seo Won saw the whole scene.


Seo Won was ready for her work. As a new employee she was summoned to the head of department room for self introduction. But of course their conversation was more than self introduction. Phil Hoon tried to explain about the scene she saw earlier. Seo Won said she knew that the two would likely to get married. “Who said so?” asked Phil Hoon confused. Seeing Seo Won too insist on her opinion, Phil Hoon shot her with a question, “ARe you jealous?” Of course Seo Won denied it. “So would you go out on a date with me? Don’t you think our reunion is somewhat a faith?” Seo Won said she didn’t believe such a thing, Phil Hoon said the same thing. “I might not know your boyfriend, but i’m not gonna let you go for that man,” said Phil Hoon. And it made Seo Won confessed that she actually had no boyfriend. This confession didn’t make Phil Hoon glad with the fact, but instead more upset for it meant Seo Won kept lying to him ever since their first met. “How should I believe you??” demanded Phil Hoon. “I really can’t believe you.” And so Phil Hoon decided to really secretly observed SEo Won’s everyday life. He even put a tracker on her bag.

Mi Rae got a visit from another spy, the little brother, who seemed to accuse Mi Rae for not having as much loyalty to the late Choi Woo Hyeok as him. That young man seemed to hold a very severe grudge against Han Phil Hoon. Seo Won saw this meeting accidentally but didn’t have any suspicion. Phil Hoon also came across this guy but also didn’t have any suspicion.


Seo Won was ordered to hack the computer in the company to leak to NIS more information about Han Ju Man’s business movement. While she’s working on it, she had to keep her eye on Phil Hoon and once she almost got caught. But Phil Hoon didn’t stop from tailing her movement. Once she saw Seo Won got into a convenient store,but he lost her because she came out from another door. Seo Won reported her hacking result to Trainer Jang and that lady kind of forced Seo Won to get closer to Phil Hoon. Looking for Seo Won with his tracking device, he came so close to NIS secret basecamp. Everyone in that room freaked out as they saw in the cctv the familiar face of Han Gil Ro was approaching their hiding. Phil Hoon didn’t lose his skill from the training that when noone answer the door after several banging, he managed to unlock the door. The room was a disguise cosmetic product office.

Right when Phil Hoon entered the room, Seo Won was coming down the room with a stack of files in her hands. “How could you get here? Did you follow me?” asked SEo Won. Phil Hoon said he didn’t follow her like tailing her,but it’s more of realted to work. In short, he had his arguments explaining about how he got there. “Anyway, what are you doing here?” asked Phil Hoon. “I’m doing a part time job,” said Seo Won. Then Phil Hoon saw a graph in that room showing Kim Jeong Won’s selling as the lowest. So as an over convidence young businessman, Phil Hoon said he would buy all products there. “You accept card right?” he asked to the officer. Everyone in the NIS hiding was surprised as saw Han Gil Ro as a very cool man. Then the officer said, “We do accept card, but the products are expensive. Total price is 2,4million won,” said the officer. Hearing the price, Phil Hoon who already offered the card, was shaking.
Seeing Phil Hoon was shaking, Seo Won prevented him from doing such a foolish action. Everyone in the NIS hiding was disappointed in an instant. But Seo Won managed to save Phil Hoon’s face by making him buy a couple set for his mother.

After that, Seo Won made Phil Hoon left while she insisted on staying. Phil Hoon was reluctant but left anyway. But as soon as Seo Won was about to go back, Trainer Jang called her and ordered her to go dating with Phil Hoon at that instant, period. So Seo Won had to run to Phil Hoon and asked him, “Han Gil Ro, let’s have a drink.” Phil Hoon said,”I don’t want to.” “Let’s eat out?” “I don’t want to.” “Let’s watch movie?” “What movie?” “Aside from movie, i’ll buy you drink.” “I don’t want to.” Then they ended up really watch a movie in the theater, a 3D animation movie.

Phil Hoon couldn’t resist to watch Seo Won’s face while she looked very excited watchig the movie. Then he remembered the old days, when Seo Won was crying calling his father and when she was so freak out coming out of the car after the race.  Then suddenly Phil Hoon grabbed Seo Won’s hand and said sorry. Seo Won asked him to let it go. “I’m sorry that you have lived a tough life and I don’t believe you. That’s why I’m sorry, not sorry for this (holding your hand).” And Phil Hoon didn’t intend to let Seo Won’s hand go while they continued watching the movie. Seo Won was bewildered.



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