7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 19 Summary

It turned out to be Kim Mi Rae they found in the hotel room. They were alert, but they tried to talk to Mi RAe. Seo Won asked about whether it’s true that NIS mission caused her family and the Choi to be sacrificed. Mi Rae said she could get the story from the coming person. Not long after that, they had a guest. He was the real surprise: Mr.Oh. Seo Won and Phil Hoon asked how he could be there. Mr.Oh acted like this matter was on the higher level. He was the one who pretended to be very surprise that the two juniors were there without any order from any higher position, in this case from him. Mr.Oh sent them out and the couple reported it to Trainer Jang.


During the team briefing, Phil Hoon and Seo Won refused to share with the team what really happened in the past relating Mi Rae, Woo Jin and Trainer Kim. Do Ha and Sun Mi were upset. After they left, Trainer Jang thought the couple would share the information with her, but they didn’t. So it upset her as well.


In the hospital, Kim Won Seok woke up. He remembered his last call with Mr.Oh.

Mrs.Han tried to make Phil Hoon stop meeting Kyeong Ja, but Phil Hoon had his way to talk to his mother. At the end of conversation he just said that he’s not going home for a few days and then fled. Seo Won also had the same conversation with her mother.


And when the couple went out together, they told lies about what their moms said about each other’s partner. Meanwhile, they didn’t know that Woo Jin was following them with his motorbike.

The couple was summoned by Mr.Oh in the headquarter. Since their team was already disbanded, Mr.Oh asked who ordered them to do this mission. He thought juniors like them wouldn’t make any move without any support from any seniors. Of course the couple was lying, saying that they’re not covering anyone. But suddenly Trainer Jang came in and said that she was responsible for this incident. She did it because her relationship with Kim Won Seok was like sibling, so she decided to do this mission secretly. Mr.Oh tried to persuade Ms.Jang to tell him Kim Won Seok’s ward in the hospital. Ms.JAng said she couldn’t.


Mr.Oh went out to meet someone. They were talking about business in technology construction.

Woo Jin told Mi Rae that they still have the last card. He’s planning to get Seo Won to get Phil Hoon. If they could get them, they could find out where Kim Won seok was.

When the couple was visiting Trainer kim, they were surprised that their mentor was already able to speak. Trainer Kim said that what happened in the past to those families were for the country’s sake. But yes they were wrong. Seo Won thought that the best way to solve this problem was for the NIS to give an official apology to Mi Rae and Woo Jin.


Mr.Oh told Do Ha to prepare a mission the next night. He told Do Ha to kill someone. Do Ha asked who the person was and why that person should be dead. Mr.Oh told him to stop asking questions and this mission was for country’s sake.When Do Ha finally came to Sun Mi, he caught her was sketching his face again. He asked her for a help. He said he would send her a picture tomorrow night and asked her to find out who that person was. Sun Mi asked if got an order. Do Ha asked her to really help him this time, “Now I don’t have anyone to count on other than you.”

Seo Won and Phil Hoon were having a tea ceremony in her place. But they got bored soon, so they changed to beer. Seo Won asked Phil Hoon what would he do if he was faced by a situation where he had to chose her or for the country’s sake. Phil Hoon said he would give up on her. And when he asked Seo Won the same question, Seo Won said he would do the same. “Because we are that kind of person,” said Seo Won bitterly. Meanwhile Trainer Jang underwent an interrogation in the office. Back to Seo Won’s place, Seo Won was already asleep when Phil Hoon approached her. He said that the truth was no matter what happened, he would never give her up. He said he couldn’t live in the country where Seo Won was not there. He kissed Seo Won good night and went  to the leaving room.

Seo Won was so touched. She suddenly got up and went down to sleep with Phil Hoon on the floor. Phil Hoon complained that she couldn’t just pop up sleeping next to a man without giving him any preparation. Seo Won just told him to stay this way. But Phil Hoon wanted something more than sleeping. Seo Won threatened to go back to her bed if he continued. So they just slept there on the floor hugging each other tightly.


Director Ma was trying to ask Ms.Jang out, but Ms.Jang refused him. She had a meeting with Phil Hoon and Seo Won that afternoon. They shared her the story they had been keeping. Seo Won told Trainer Jang that what NIS should do was making an apology to Mi Rae and Woo Jin.

Later that night, Do Ha was ready with his gun on a rooftop. He finally could see his target: Kim Mi Rae. He told Sun Mi right away, but that’s it. Sun Mi sent the alert to Seo Won and Phil Hoon. the couple rushed the where Do Ha was.  Woo Jin was following them with his motorbike.


Mr.Oh told Do Ha to wait until he come there and give him the sign. Mi Rae thought Mr.Oh was meeting her to tell her the information about the room where Kim Won Seok was. The conversation went harsh and at the end Mr.Oh insulted Kim Mi Rae, so she pointed a gun towards him. Finally Mr.Oh gave Do Ha the sign. Do Ha was about to pull the triger when Phil Hoon came. He tried to prevent Do Ha from killing Mi Rae. “But if I don’t do it, Mr.Oh will be dead,” said Do ha.


So phil Hoon held Do Ha tight and Seo won took over the gun. She finally  pulled the trigger..twice. Tears coming down from her eyes. Mi Rae was shot but none was enough to kill her…and were not meant to kill. the boys rushed to get Mi Rae, and she’s about to shoot herself on the head. Seo Won had to shoot her again the third time.


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