Hyun Bin is Off to Baengnyeong

After having 5 days and 4 nights holiday, Hyun Bin (Kim Tae Pyung) has to be back to his duties in marine corp. on April 29th, he and a bunch of his mates left for Baengnyeong Island with military ships. He looks thinner and tanned.
Good bye, good luck, and be safe Hyun Bin-ssi! see you again on December 6th,2012.

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4 Responses to Hyun Bin is Off to Baengnyeong

  1. Goodluck hyun bin! be safe so we could c u again on screen, i miss you! and please eat more coz u lookd thinr but stl handsome always! sarange!:-)

  2. Good luck Hyun Bin .<3 ur movie

  3. .. I miss you Hyun Bin.. Be safe always..

  4. I am not a fan of Kpop…however accidentally watching your secret garden started me to like korean telenovela. I admire u most. Hope to watch more of you. I just heard that u just comeback from military training…goodluck

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