Hyun Bin Chosen as MC for Marine Corps Marching Band Concert

If you are looking for fellow soldier like Hyun Bin, you will anticipate him to appear in public as MC On September 30. Via phone, the official of marine corps told that on September 30, Hyun Bin will be on duty as MC for 22nd Marine Corps Marching Band Annual Concert.

But too bad, for that event Hyun Bin or Kim Tae Pyung (his real name) only charge as an MC, he will not be singing.

This event will be open for public, but only first 500 applicants on marine corps website who will able to attend the concert. The online registration will open  on September 23-25. For marine corps band this concert also to celebrate their 60th anniversary, and for Hyun Bin’s fans, this time to reduce their longing, so this event absolutely gain more attention from public.

Meanwhile on September 25th, due to his finest physic he’s also chosen to participate on 3rd Corps Memorial Marathon. Whoa… what a busy soldier, but i think, wherever he was, inside and outside the military he’s still busy…keep fighting, Hyun Bin-ssi! ;)

[by Blossom]

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