Hyun Bin, The Dashing Private’s Latest Appearance

Omo!!! actually i’ve been sinking on my works for these days, but suddenly i was distracted when seeing  these pictures of Hyun Bin! I can’t take off my eyes of this dashing private, and i can’t get back concentrate on my works until i post and share this just because i miss him… o_0

This morning (September 28th), Hyun Bin oops..i mean the most charming soldier in the world, Kim Tae Pyung, was involved  in military ceremony at Battle of Yongsan Memorial Plaza, Seoul.

On ceremony that was attended by lots of military leaders from navy, Hyun Bin must be proud since he had the task as the flag raiser. While running his duty, although he looks so stiff and serious in military uniform, Hyun Bin can’t hide his charm as the star, just so stunning.

Actually, in less than three more months his duty will be completed.  Oh, December, please come fast… o_0 everybody misses him…


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4 Responses to Hyun Bin, The Dashing Private’s Latest Appearance

  1. Dear,
    many thanks for sharing this with us, poor mortals that deserve a boyfriend as Hyun Bin! ;D

  2. shinjaneCDOphilippines

    Im so exited december is fast approaching…his duty will be completed already…. chos.hyun bin..fighting :)

  3. oh my gosh………i realy love him…te ammo

  4. im joining the countdown in facebook… hyun bin will complete his military service on december 6, 2012… im so excited to his come back!

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