Hyun Bin’s Photos Update, D-20 before Military Discharge

The time is ticking faster and i bet Hyun Bin and his fans counting the days so excitedly. Finally just 20 days left before the private Kim Tae Pyung (Hyun Bin’s real name) discharged from military duty on December 6.

And with pleasure i just want to share this pleasure, Hyun Bin’s latest photos. These photos were taken from military event that held on November 14th when Hyun Bin trusted to became the host the 23rd Marine Corps Music Concert. That night he said even has 20 days left, but for him it still feels a long time.

As always, he looked dashing wore military uniform, but i don’t like his military haircut that night, frankly i think he’s little bit weird with that haircut, i prefer the haircut on his first day entered the military about two years ago.

Reportedly, before officially discharged on December 6th, Hyun Bin takes some day-off for 8 days start from today (November 15th).
He uses the vacation to meet the people he loves, family and friends, and of course for preparing his return as an actor, especially his dealings with his new agency.

Due to his popularity that never fade even physically he is on military, so many people anticipating his comeback, including me..ooh…time really flies, and i like it. Actually i am really happy these days because my two favorite actors, Kang Dong Won already discharged (on November 12) and (surprisingly) he has younger post-military appearance, and then this, just with a wink (only a couple more weeks) Hyun Bin also will be back. yay! I can’t wait for D-day… ;)


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  1. oh my god..i’m so happy

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