Hyun Bin Enjoyed Los Angeles for Filming CF

20130124-Hyun Bin

Just in case if you can’t  wait any longer for his comeback, i posted a couple of photos of Hyun Bi while he was filming Samsung Smart TV. The shot took place in LA city this winter.

He wore hat because of his post-haircut and the chilly weather, and as always i love his dimple when he smiles..

20130124-Hyun Bin_2

20130124-Hyun Bin_4

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3 Responses to Hyun Bin Enjoyed Los Angeles for Filming CF

  1. Handsome as always.welcome back in action Hyun bin ssi.

  2. i miss u so much oppa….i’ll be waiting for your next drama….

  3. feliz de poder disfrutarlo nuevamente, esperamos lo mejor de ti y cuenta siempre con mi cariño y afecto, se feliz siempre tesoro.

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