Hyun Bin Enjoying His 10 Days 9 Nights Holidays

Frankly i didn’t like myself when i posted this article, seriously..i felt like a stalker, peeking others’s personal life. Actually i just want to share this information, Hyun Bin (Private Kim Tae Pyung) recieved 10 days and 9 nights vacation due to his corporal promotion on Marine Corps. His holiday started on May 5th, yeah…our beloved private is free like bird for a while…

So just in case if you meet someone like him in the next 9 days at someplace in Seoul you will not be confused, maybe that person wasn’t his doppelganger, but he might be the real Hyun Bin.

On first day, he was seen  hanging out with his friends on Apgujeong, Seoul. That night he met his acting mentor, Kang Gun Taek, i bet he already miss his job, acting. and i know he just wanted to blend, but he looked cool even he was  just wearing the casual outfit and cap, and I just realized about his long legs..damn! i miss him…

Actually, i’m not his fans, but of course he is on my most-awaited-actors-back-from-military list,  he will be officially discharged on December. His agency annouced that he will just spend his free times with his friends and beloved family, he doesn’t have particular job schedule due to his status on military.

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2 Responses to Hyun Bin Enjoying His 10 Days 9 Nights Holidays

  1. I think he is in a secret mission to get a hold of his Gil Ha Rim from the naughty King …. he just couldn’t stand after seeing those luring strategies of Jae Ha… He is here to fight … plz contact with Bong gu …. he can be a great help ..

  2. you got that right payel… i believe he will spend the rest of his vacation stalking wuri ji wonnie ;D

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