Hyun Bin Not Only as Public Relation Officer

After four weeks doing basic training, finally Hyun Bin officially takes the duty. He was chosen as a public relations officer on Marine corps until December 6th, 2012. He’s already on his post since April 8.

Even he is a public figure and gets a perfect score on the shooting test. There is no special consideration for him to be placed on the Public Relations post, but I think the marine corps use his popularity to promote their corp. For me it’s okay as long as there’s always news updates about Hyun Bin.

But lately (after a lot of questions arise in public about his “safe” duty), Marine Corps announced that since April 14th  Hyun Bin will not only served as a public relations officer at his cozy post because he was given the other main task that is as general soldier who will be placed at the forefront (battlefront), maybe on dangerous spot.

Based on his records which almost perfect pretty pointless if he only served as a PR officer. Therefore Hyun Bin will primarily serve as a general soldier but also as a PR officer only when needed. I hope Hyun Bin does the best for any duties given to him, and more importantly, be safe oppa!

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