Hyun Bin’s Sit-Up Scene Parody

Have you already watch these hilarious and dashing CFs???

This is another version for Samsung 3D Smart TV, and I think this is the hottest version.
After Won Bin, Kim Kap Soo, Psy, and others doing the parody, this time the owner does that. Yups..on this CF, Hyun Bin was doing hot-sit up-scene (of course you know this scene). If you watch this CF on 3D TV, you feel as if you’re holding his legs when he’s doing sit up. Frankly, I was blushing when I saw this CF for the first time, and I think I know what Ha Ji Won felt on that moment.
Oh oppa, because of you my belly gone since I frequently doing sit up and also can’t stopped thinking of you..fiuuuh…


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