“Jackal Is Coming” Revealed Posters of The Main Characters

After performing in Busan International Film Festival this month, the up-coming action-comedy movie “Jackal Is Coming” ready for official released on November. As an anticipation, the posters of the main characters already revealed to the public.

On those posters, the heroine Song Ji Hyo looks so splendid with the assassins pose, hold the gun and looks bold, plus the tagline “Taught by Léon, acknowledged by Kill Bill , The Legendary Assassin Bong Min Jung”,  and as her target is the proud and playful top star Choi Hyun (Kim Jae Joong). Jaejoong looks mischievous and seductive.

Frankly, I can’t imagine that our candy boy, Jaejoong, could be so irritating and cocky in this movie, it will surprise me. But with his charm as the player, actually Choi Hyun will make the dangerous woman, Bong Min Jung, falls for him.

Besides this quirky couple, there are also Hang Sang Jin as Team Leader Shin, he has very high profile since he was FBI agent, then Oh Dal Su plays as Chief Ma,  an ordinary detective who will meddles the business of agent and assassins. and the last but not least, Kim Sung Ryung plays as Angela. I have no idea with her ambiguous tagline “The Sponsor of The Flower Boy Stars”, maybe she is Choi Hyun’s Boss.

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