Jang Dong Gun to Cannes Film Festival, Again

Sorry I’m very late to write this article since It’s Jang Dong Gun so doesn’t matter with the delay,  I have to write this article anyway.

Jang Dong Gun was invited to the Cannes International Film Festival around last week on France. He went there for his latest movie “My Way”. Before this 2011 CIFF, on the 2005 CIFF he was also invited to this event for his galore movie “Taegugki”.

“My Way” is a multinations project, because beside being played by many actors from different countries like Jo Odagiri from Japan, and Fan Bing Bing from China, this movie is also a co-production between South Korea and the USA. The movie is taking the world war two as the setting and directed by Kang Je Gyu, and planned to be officially released on December this year.

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