Poster from Jang Dong Gun’s War Movie “My Way”

This trans boundary movie is planned to be released on December 22nd,so recently  “My Way” released the main poster. Since it’s a war movie, the poster shows the war atmosphere, the leading roles, Jang Dong Gun and Jo Odagiri on the foreground.

But this movie does not only talk about world war II. The main story is about friendship between enemies. Jun Sik (played by Jang Dong Gun) a Korean, as an athlete he  has a dream to become a winner on a marathon championship, but he has a Japanese rival, Tatsuo (Played by Jo Odagiri). They both always  compete for everything. but someday they both accidentally dragged on war, they are forced to become soldiers for Japan. Many things go through both of them. They were arrested by Soviet Union, then Germany until involved on Normandy battle. Eventually the war make these enemies become friends, they only have each other.

This movie is also starred by Fang Bing Bing (Chinese actress) who acts as a woman between these guys, and Lee Yeon Hee who plays as Jun Sik’s little sister.

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