Ji Jin Hee, The Melancholic Ajeossi on “Marie Claire”

Due to his on going drama “The Great Seer” that’s currently running on SBS, lately Ji Jin Hee often  appears on fashion magazine, and becomes my favorite ajeossi through  this, and latest through this pictorial for Marie Claire magazine.

Based on his roles on many dramas, where he always appears as the cold and stiff person, but for those photoshoots he’s like out of  the box, makes us surprised with his unpredictable expression and unusual poses. In those pictorials he shows off his different personalities, sometimes he’s so cute like a puppy, but then he changes to become serious,  so manly, and charismatic like James Bond, and actually the witty picture below is my favorite, he becomes so adorable with that pose and mellow face.

More of his pictures along with the interview can be found on Marie Claire for November issue.

[info and images source]

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