Jo In Sung – Han Hyo Joo, Filming CF Together on Nepal

Recently Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo went dating on high place, is that true??? Yes, it’s true, they were on high place, Himalaya, Nepal, but wasn’t for a date. As we know before that Jo In Sung is the Black Yak’s ambassador, last year he went to Himayala alone, but this year he has a partner, there’s a lucky girl, Han Hyo Joo who was chosen to joining with him on Black Yak CF.

The filming took place on 4800 meter from the sea. Since Black Yak is an outdoor clothes brand, the whole filming process on outside,  they both enjoyed the city, the mountain, and the cold temperature. I love to see Jo In Sung’s face this time, not too clean, he lets his hair face grow, make him looked more manly and cool. With his tall and perfect body, and with Han Hyo Joo beside him,  he’s just too splendid to be ignored.

The CF will be ready for broadcast at television on April.

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  1. Hyo Joo looks beautiful with long and black hair…fresh like her first debut…really love her…

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