Jo In Sung’s More Photos

oh you must know that I would not miss every thing about Jo In Sung, including this one. on mid-august revealed Jo In Sung’s more photos for clothing outdoor brand’s CF.

His hard work had caused him trapped on Himalaya for two days doesn’t in vain, but he looks great on these photos.

Actually, I have personal view for Jo In Sung. I think he is one of (almost) perfect guys in the world physically. He is not only handsome, for me, he is pretty unique. When he smiles he looks so innocent, sweet and tender like a puppy, but when he get serious he looks so hot, manly, and wild. Oh yeah  I certainly appreciate his courage to take the controversial roles, such as on “Frozen Flower”, “What Happened in Bali”, and “Dirty Carnival”,  and he successfully played all those risky roles.

Oops I talk about him too much. Maybe because i just miss him on small screen. After he’s discharged from military on May up until now he hasn’t decided to comeback on small screen soon..oh..too bad… So, enough to become blabbermouth, Blossom! let’s just look at his latest photos, hoping to reduce my longing for him.

[by Blossom]

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  1. gotta love your post! this man is close to perfection! it still amazes me how he shifts from one “face” to another, making each endorsement/appearance different from the other.

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