Joo Ji Hoon Conquers Fashion Magazines for August

For anticipating his comeback on entertainment industry through his drama “Five Fingers” and movie “I Am The King” that will be released on August, Joo Ji Hoon appears on –not only one but two– different fashion magazines, GQ and Haper’s Bazaar for August issue.

For both magazines, Joo Ji Hoon looks simple and modest. The pics are so meaningful. He shows his solitude through these pictorial. On GQ, the photoshot took place on museum, he posed  humbly and wasn’t too much so you will not only be able to enjoy him but also the masterpiece works behind him.

Meanwhile for Haper’s Bazaar, mostly he’s just wearing the black and white outfits, maybe he wants to show his new images for his comeback, as the pure and simple person, just a new him.

August is absolutely for Joo Ji Hoon, his movie “I Am The King” will be released officially on August 8th, while his drama “Five Fingers” is planned to start running on SBS on late August.

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