Joo Won Leaves 2Days1Night Due To Tight Schedule

20131001-Joo Won

After one year and eight months, finally Joo Won decided to leave his sunbae-deul in “2Days 1Night”. Next week will be his final travel along with the sunbae-deul.

Joo Won’s representative said that Joo Won dropped “2Days 1Night” due to his full booked schedule, such as filming drama (Good Doctor), rehearsal for his musical (Ghost), and then overseas promotion for his dramas…oh yeah he’s a hard worker. I think he needs free weekends.

“2Days 1Night” has no plan to look for another actor for replacing Joo Won. It means the show will continue with six members.

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2 Responses to Joo Won Leaves 2Days1Night Due To Tight Schedule

  1. im an avid fan of 2days1night… So sad that he has to leave so soon :(

  2. 2days and 1night is just beautiful with joo won….

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