Joo Won’s Tender Heart

Joo Won’s name has been recently a talk in town and among netizen because his face has been around again through his currently airing drama “Ojakgyo Brothers” and very recent movie with Uhm Tae Woong, “Special Investigation Unit“.

In an interview with Newsen just very recently, they asked him about the reason of his cry around a year ago when Yoon Shi Yoon received an award for his role as Kim Tak Gu in “Baker King Kim Tak Gu“, Joo Won just said “That’s the fact (the cry)” with smile and laughter. He said there’s no words could explain that moment. He said that during the filming of his debut drama, “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” he was there together with Yoon Shi Yoon trying their best with hard work. He also knew very well how hard it was for Yoon Shi Yoon to bear a responsibility as the leading character and seemed to become one with the character itself, Kim Tak Gu. So crying is the ultimate expression of his whole emotion that couldn’t be replaced by any words.

So even though he said he never really cry (before), Joo Won is a 25 years old man with a tender heart. Even though he has gained a fame, he’s still just a young man who loves being himself like singing along with music he listens to and other things.

Well, some say he sings better than acts. Joo Won does have a good voice anyway :)

Furthermore, Joo Won said that he learned so much about life from his grandfather. His grandfather was a very generous man who could give scholarships to students he didn’t know or to give money to the needy. His grandfather said that he should have that kind of live, too, being generous. His grandfather thought him how to give without expecting any rewards in life and how to be able to care more to other people.

Bottom line is, this sexy guy has a good and honest heart. Good thing he had a good grandfather. How can we not fall for him?  :left:  ;)

[by Rizz]


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