Best New Comer Prize for Joo Won on 2011 KBS Daesang Awards

Joo Won finally brought home the Best New Comer Prize from 2011 KBS Daesang Awards from his role as Hwang Tae Hee in “Ojakgyo Brothers”. It’s just as many people had predicted, even though he had to share it with Kim Soo Hyun (yeah this young man was a tough competition).

In my objective review, this 1987 born young actor really does deserve the award. He was once known as an actor who sang better than acted. He brought no awards from last year’s KBS Daesang Awards even though his also-new-comer co-worker Yoon Shi Yoon gained Grand/Best Excellence Award from his role in Baker King Kim Tak Gu. But over the years, Joo Won had shown significant improvements in his acting skill. His role as Detective Hwang Tae Hee had gained many people’s attention because watching his character from one episode to another is like peeling an onion. He presents the cold-yet-warm hearted-good son Tae Hee in a convincing way. And Tae Hee-Ja Eun (Uee) cute romance has made youngster viewers gone crazy about them. His partner from “Ojakgyo Borthers” Uee also won the same award for female category.

And don’t you remember Joo Won was crying when Yoon Shi Yoon won the award at the same event last year? And I wrote the article about his tender heart, too. This time, when he himself got the award couldn’t hold his tears too. It was an “aaawwww” moment for me :) watching him that delicate. He really does have a tender heart.

He made an awkward speech that later on Jeon Hyeon Moo made fun of. He was like losing his voice at a sudden that he was clearing his voice several times and really lost his voice for seconds. But his speech went well; saying thank you to many people involved in the production of “Ojakgyo Brothers”, his family, his fans; and the cry started when he was about to reach the end of his speech. Well, it was a happy cry…

Joo Won was also the MC for the event, alongside the ajumma-deul Pororo (Pororo for middle aged women), Jeon Hyeon Moo, and beautiful actress Han Hye Jin. The three of them did a good job hosting the event.

Congrats dear Joo Won. Keep up the good work!  ;)

[by Rizz]

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