Jung Il Woo’s Another Pictorial from Canada

Remember this? and these are other photos with different theme photo shot while Jung Il Woo in Canada for filming MTV special program “One More Time: Ready Action Jung Il Woo Side”.

He spent his holiday-working-time for 10 days in Canada. After doing outdoor activities, then to make his vacation more perfect, he went to hunt for some pictures of Canadian landscape. He became a photographer. Whoa…even when he was behind the lens he looks really cool.

But i think, if a photographer as handsome as you, Jung Il Woo-ssi,  you don’t need any model. Your gorgeous figure is enough for your camera object.

[by Blossom]

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5 Responses to Jung Il Woo’s Another Pictorial from Canada

  1. How beautiful!

  2. look soo awesome n handsome….

  3. 사랑해 일우

  4. hi jeon il woo your so cute

  5. hi how you doesn’t your coll guy, hot ramen

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