Kim Bum Supports Jung Il Woo on Filming Location

Morning on November 3rd, through his m2day account, Jung Il Woo shows his friendship with Kim Bum. oh yeah as we know that they are bestfriends since a long time ago. Kim Bum came to Flower Boy Ramyun Shop location to give some support for his best buddy.

Jung Il Woo realized that his buddy is also crazily busy with the “Padam Padam” production, but Kim Bum still has time on his tight schedule to pay a visit on Jung Il Woo’s set. of course Jung Il Woo really happy has dongsaeng-bestfriend like him. They are cheering each other, Jung Il Woo hopes “Padam Padam” will become successful drama.

But  too bad, Kim Bum came alone, Lee Min Ho supposed to be there too to complete this best(looking)friends formation. :o

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