K.Will for “The King 2 Hearts” Soundtrack Part-2

For “The King 2 Hearts”, K.Will sings “Love Is Crying”`(사랑이 운다). Through the ballad song once again K.Will proves his strong and deep voice. This song is theme song for Lee Seung Gi’s character, Lee Jae Ha. K.Will always successfully gives the soul and deep emotion to his songs including this song..oh..this song is sad for me…

This drama is getting more serious. Lee Jae and Kim Ha Ah are starting to develop feelings for each other, but too many obstacles they have to deal with. I’m afraid there will be more tears in the future…but love without tears isn’t love, right?? In this world there is no love that will be easy, so keep fighting Prince Lee Jae Ha!! ;)

Audio: K.Will (케이윌) – Love is Crying (사랑이 운다)


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  1. Pls. translate in English pls!!! Noron from the Phils. Thanks in advance.

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