The King 2 Hearts : Behind of Royal Couple’s First Kiss Scene

Whoaaa..I really love The King 2 Hearts episode 6. While I was watching this episode I kept gigling every time I saw Jae Ha’s expressions when he was eventually trapped on his own cheesy games. Yeaaah…finally he fell for Hang Ah.

I even quite shocked when Jae Ha had thought to make Hang Ah as his secret lover. And when at the end he really kissed Hang Ah…I spontaneously clapped my hands…yay! finally our donut boy showed his true feeling. Even though the kiss was not as deep or hot as I expected, but I think for first kiss this one was quite sweet. I can’t wait for the next episode, whether the kiss would change everything or not. But from the preview I predicted there will be more obstacles for their love…

But too bad we have to wait longer, because probably because of the election day in Korean on April 11,MBC will postpone the drama airing schedule. :?

Okay, back to the kiss scene…

On behind the scene, it was not their first kissing scene of course, but  Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi still looked awkward and shy when they filming for this scene. To break the ice,  Seung Gi teased noona with his mischievous smile. Oh I always love it when Seung Gi showed his witty side..he becomes so adorable.

They both looked so friendly on the set, Seung Gi is lucky because he has a noona, Ha Ji Won, who is easy to laugh. So, with their bringht and vibrant personalities, there always happy mood on the set.

From this drama, Lee Seung Gi officially on my ‘A’ list actors along side with Hyun Bin, So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung, Kim Myung Min, Oh Ji Ho, and more, just because he did well with his topless scene and also he caught red handed stolen Ha Ji Won’s lips…what a naughty boy!!! ;)

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  1. they are too cute, i saw the BTS on youtube, i was giggly the whole time too. im really enjoying the show a lot and OMGaahhh, how matured LSG had gotten since his last drama MGFIAG. Not just matured but soo much HOTTER too, *fan girl swoon*

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