Kim Hyun Joong,at SBS’s Talk Show & “Break Down” Showcase

SBS’s talkshow hosted by Kang Hodong, “Kang’s Heart”/”Strong Heart” always have the guests to reveal their secret stories with no hurt feeling to anyone related to the story. As usual the show had many brightest stars coming as the guest participants. On the June 7th episode, there was a very interesting “secret story” revealance from Kim Hyun Joong.

He revealed, “(to me) U-Know Yoon Ho is a big brother (hyeong), Lee Seung Gi is a friend (chin gu).”

U-Know Yoon Ho (TVXQ) who was also a guest in that show that night and Lee Seung Gi was Kang Hodong’s co-host and also a dongsaeng for him.

Kang Ho Dong then asked how could that be, since Yoon Ho was born in the same year as him (1986) while Seung Gi was a year later (1987).

“It’s a basic rule. A friend is someone you spend money together on meal, while a hyeong is a person you got paid from on the meal,” said Kang Hodong.

Kim Hyun Joong (June 6 1986) said that only four months younger than Yoon Ho (February 6 1986) does make him as a dongsaeng (little brother) to Yoon Ho. While with Seung Gi (January 13th 1987) he felt much of a friend even though that boy is seven months younger than him. I think he just have a certain respect to Joon Ho because Joon Ho seemed to be more caring like a big brother than like a friend. Then Kang Hodong drew a laughter saying, “It’s okay then. So if you go out with Lee Seung Gi and I and Yoon Ho hyeong to eat something, it’ll be the hyeong who pay for us.”

On the same day as “Strong Heart” was aired, Kim Hyun Joong held a music showcase for his solo mini album “Break Down.” 4000 fans came to watch him solo on stage. At the end of the show, Kim Hyun Joong read a letter he wrote for his fans. The introduction was pretty much like this:
“Today I want to show you (who is) Kim Hyun Joong. So, it’s me, Kim Hyun Joong. Through the showcase I show you my musical talent, but you don’t know what is in my heart and mind, that’s why I’ve prepared this letter.”
He let go everything he’s had in his heart all this time to his fans. He read the letter with teary eyes. He told about his difficulties during the process of making the album where he had to go to the US, about some misunderstandings, and how he’s been grateful to his fans. And as for the closure he said,
“From now on i want to keep smiling and be happy., your (my fans) album. To you all here, I sincerily want to say thank you very much. Thank you and I love you.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s come back with his solo mini-album has drown quite many attention. He shaped his image, and don’t you think he’s much brighter in appearance nowadays? I like his new style. Well, I never had any particular personal dislike to this man, but I really hate to see him frowning. You know, in his two dramas, he was required to frown all the time and I don’t like that. He has a good smile, so I don’t think he has to stick with the cool-guy character which will only make him frown.

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