Kim Sun Ah-Lee Bo Yeong, “Compete” To Look Awkward

Soon there will be competition between Kim Sun Ah versus Lee Bo Yeong. But wait a minute, this is not physical competition, it’s a competition for their roles on their new dramas.

On “Scent of Woman” Kim Sun  Ah plays as Yeon Jae, a quirky woman, big glasses and curly hair, so miserable appearance. Meanwhile, Lee Bo Yeong on “Hooray for Love” plays as Kang Jae Mi, a divorced woman, looks not much different with Yeon Jae, she also looks awkward with glasses and curly hair.

Both, play as mature figures, thirty something women with strong personalities, struggle to find their real love.

“Hooray For Love” has already running on MBC last weekend, with a bad start since only gained 9,4% for ratings. But the real competition will begin next week when “Scent of Woman” start airing this weekend on SBS. We will see who will manage to gain public attention with their acting skill. Good luck eonnie-deul!

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