Everything for “Scent of Woman”

I don’t know why i always missed news update about SBS new drama “Scent of Woman”. And for all my delay i’ll try to pay it back all at once in a full information.

A day after Lee Dong Wook discharged from military service, on June 21 he straightly did a photoshoot with Kim Sun Ah, Seo Hyo Rim, and Uhm Ki Joon . They also held a simple welcoming party for him. The other casts gave Lee Dong Wook a cake to celebrate his discharged.

And these are the result of that photo shoot:

“Scent of Woman” is not only a comeback drama project for Lee Dong Wook but also for Kim Sun Ah after her latest drama “City Hall” in 2009.

Dong Wook plays as a chaebol, owner of a top tourism company who will fall in love with Sun Ah’s character, a ‘dying’-ordinary-woman. Yups she’s dying, at least she feels she will die immediately after being diagnosed with a serious illness. She has only a short time for enjoying her precious life with traveling. As i know, this is a romance-comedy drama, so i’m quite optimist that Sun Ah’s character will not end tragical.

Meanwhile, Seo Hyo Rim plays as Dong Wook’s fiancee, but they didn’t love each other, thats only a business-engagement, and Uhm Ki Joon plays as Sun Ah’s doctor.

Planned to be aired on SBS starts on July 23rd, “Scent of Woman” has started the overseas filming. The latest one, the filming took place in Okinawa.

These are stills from the filming in Okinawa when Sun Ah’s character participating on a beer contest. Dong Wook’s character beside her and cheering her. Actually he also looks a bit worried about this ‘super’ woman.

I love Kim Sun Ah’s acting, she always shows her quirky and bright image for her roles. In this drama she appeared with curly-messy-hair, but then after she knows she’s dying instead of being gloomy she enjoys her life and become happier and prettier.

Frankly, i almost forget about Lee Dong Wook’s acting. I only remember his handsome face in “My Girl”. But his character as chaebol is so usual on many dramas, i hope he can bring something different for his character, since I’m tired of seeing the type of chaebol who is stiff, neat, boring, and cold-hearted.

“Scent of Woman” will be a

weekend drama replacing “A New Gisaeng Story” on SBS.

[by Blossom]

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