Kissing Scene on Dream High Episode 10

Jin Guk and Hye Mi are kissing! Definitely yes. “Dream High” is getting more interesting :D Well, most of us must have seen the sneak peak from last episode I guess.

Anyway, in episode 10, Hye Mi and Jin Guk met each other at Nagoya, Japan…where they’re about to go at the end of episode 9. And remember last time Jin Guk met Hye Mi when he back-hugged him…he asked Hye Mi to go on the ferris wheel, right? Back then she refused him, but not this time. They’re going on it and shot the kissing scene.

Well, Suzy’s being underage was a big concern. Oh, yeah she’s as young as 17 (18 in Korean, born in 1994). However, the drama’s creatives must have their reasonable arguments for putting her into this kind of scene. Can’t wait for episode 10, can you? ;)


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