Lee Hong Ki Confirmed To Movie Project “Our Heaven” (우리들의 천국)

My favorite vocalist, Lee Hong Ki from FT Island, will make his debut on movie project. He already confirmed to involved on movie “Our Heaven” (우리들의 천국). This is not his first experience on acting, before he played so playful and energetic on “You Are Beautiful” and also on trans boundary mini drama “Noriko Goes To Seoul”.

I really love his bright and cheerful personality but on ‘Our Heaven” Lee Hong Ki has got  a challenge,  he will plays as a trouble maker top star. One day his act makes him ends up on community service at hospice, on that place through the patients he met, he learns about life and music.

Lee Hong Ki chose  this movie as his debut after he read the script carefully, he was touched by the story.

The production will begin on September, and the movie is planned to be released some time in 2013 for Korea and Japan.

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2 Responses to Lee Hong Ki Confirmed To Movie Project “Our Heaven” (우리들의 천국)

  1. Wow, this would be an awesome movie n_n I loved his character in “You’re Beautiful”and It would be very interesting to see him acting like a trouble maker♥ I’m sure he will do a great job

  2. wow…i can’t wait this movie…love hong ki

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