TOP Got Injury While Filming “Alumnus”

September 21st, YG Entertainment announced that TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) got injury while filming movie “Alumnus”. On fighting scene, unfortunately his back hand scratched deep by glass fragment. Immediately TOP was brought to the hospital. He needed small surgery for his wound. Although just minor injury but TOP need more rest on hospital.

YG entertainment really concern about this accident, they worried about TOP’s condition. But the actor instead of thinking about his condition, he’s more concern and feels sorry about filming schedule that’s forced to be postponed due to his accident. Not only for “Alumnus”, actually, TOP and his band-mates on Big Bang also have crazily tight schedule these months. Of course he’s afraid this accident will ruin their whole schedules. He really hopes he can back to the”Alumnus” set soon.

On “Alumnus” TOP plays as secret agent from North Korea, Myung Hun, who is trained to become cold-blooded killer. Then he cross the border to the South to run his duty as a killer and disguise as the ordinary high school student, but actually he has got personal mission, he is looking for  his  younger sister.

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