The Tense Posters of TOP’s Up-Coming Movie “Alumnus” Revealed

20131001-The Alumnus

For officially released on November 6th, “Alumnus” (동창생) or “Commitment” (international title) unveiled the posters. Although only showing the main character, Myung Hun (TOP/Choi Seung Hyun), the posters are full of tension and gloomy. On this thriller movie, TOP is sparing his acting skill alongside with Yoon Je Moon, Jo Sung Ha, Han Ye Ri, and Kim Yoo Jung.

Myung Hun (TOP) is the North Korean Spy. During his duty in South Korea he disguises as a senior high school student. When his beloved little sister (played by Kim Yoo Jung) in danger, he must save her while his secret is possibility uncovered, and threatened his life.

Due to the BIFF moment, before officially released, TOP will attend the event to promote this movie and will be held the fans meeting. Before the fans meeting, TOP alongside with Kim Yoo Jung will come on the Opening Ceremony on October 3rd evening. Meanwhile, the trailer of this movie is also scheduled will be screening during the event.

20131001-The Alumnus_2

20131001-The Alumnus_3

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