The Stills of TOP from “Alumnus” Unvealed


Since last week, stills of TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) from his up-coming movie “Alumnus” (동창생) surfaced on public site.  He’s wearing the high school uniform, as always, he looks so dashing as the disguise-student, but aura as the killer can be seen through his eyes.

On “Alumnus” or also known “The Graduate”, TOP plays as secret agent from North Korea, Myung Hun, who is trained to become cold-blooded killer. Then he crossed the border to the South to run his duty as a killer and disguise as the ordinary high school student, but actually he has got personal mission, he is looking for  his  younger sister.

Actually “Alumnus” had some obstacles on filming process (the director matter and TOP’s injury), which cause the schedule have to bepostponed (this movie was planned released on 2012), but now if everything run smoothly this movie is ready to be released this year. On this movie, TOP will sparing his acting skill alongside with Yoon Je Moon, Jo Sung Ha, Han Ye Ri, and Kim Yoo Jung.

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