Lee Ji Ah Revealed Her Feeling Through Pictorial for “1st LOOK”

Lee Ji Ah’s life is not too smoothly these years. The secret marriage (and also the divorce) surfaced to public and she must faced with lawsuit issue to her ex-husband, Seo Tae Ji, and worse, her  relationship with Jung Woo Sung was ruined. Thank goodness, Lee Ji Ah is a very tough woman, she survives, she could even finished her latest drama “Me To, Flower”. By the end of 2012 her contract with Key East ended and she decided not to re-new the contract. She moved to another agency. And now, this month, with new agency, Will Entertainment, she’s re-born.

Lately she appeared as cover story for 1st Look magazine for March issue (Vol.17). Besides the pictorial, she also shared her thought about her past, about her secret life. She said because she must close tight her personal life, she made a distance with other people. She didn’t want lie or hide, but she had no choice at that time. She became introvert, prefer to hang out in front of computer than socializing. But that’s the past, she already put those memories behind and she takes it as a lesson. Now she feels more comfortable and focus on herself,  being happy for herself it’s more important than anything.

And for pictorial with title “Someone Like You” Lee Ji Ah as the thirty something woman still able to show her youthful. She looked fresh with her pixie haircut. And i love her make up, she becomes so cute with those color.

And for the collection, the dresses, the shirt, the shoes, and the hat, two thumbs up for the wardrobe, the soft , pastel, and khakies color being together that can be so perfect like these. The design so simple, make Lee Ji Ah look cheerful and light.

Keep fighting, Lee Ji Ah-ssi, we’ll wait for your next project on new agency… ;)

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