Lee Min Ho Is Very Busy Promoting His Dramas in Japan

Even there’s no drama project in the close time for him, Lee Min Ho still has tight schedule. He has a bunch of photoshoot for ads and promoting his dramas.

Due to his two latest dramas “City Hunter” and “Personal Taste” broadcasting in Japan these days, Lee Min Ho  flew to Japan on February 13th. He planned to stay in Japan for 3 nights and 4 days. His schedule  is full of frenzy promoting event, like interview on media local.

But one thing makes me curious, will Park Min Yeong join him to promote their drama “City Hunter” in Japan??? I know they are no longer on love relationship, but as they said (through their agencies) they’re still good friends, so as professional actors they’re supposed to be able to work together again without hurt feeling, right? ;) Mmm..or maybe Park Min Yeong is busy too… :)

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