Lee Seung Gi Doesn’t To Be A Coward In Love

Lee Seung Gi charmed everyone, as always, through his recently ended drama “The King 2 Hearts” where he played as King Lee Jae Ha. Lee Seung Gi seemed to “give up” all the shows that had made him a great name for this drama and he proved it worth it.

It was a tough decision for him to sign out from “Strong Heart” and the internal problem of “2 Days 1 Night” made him thought that the show would ended as Na PD left. But Lee Seung Gi gave all his best for “The King 2 Hearts” and I think we all could see the result. He started with a tight diet programs, exercise, and improved his acting skill. Working with such great names of senior actors and actress in that drama and even being co-worker with Ha Ji Won, let Seung Gi learned more about acting from them. It helped him improve his acting skill.

He said at first he had so much worries working with them in such a heavy drama and difficult character play, but that drove him to work very very hard for his role. That’s why he said being involved in “The King 2 Hearts” project was a significant work for him as an actor.

Lee Seung Gi said he doesn’t want to spend his life just pursuing career and popularity only. He also wants to date someone and even get married. In “The King 2 Hearts” Lee Jae Ha character was a loving loyal lover for Kim Hang Ah. And if you were following “2 Days 1 Night” season 1, you know that Seung Gi is a very warm character and could be so passionate and loving.

However, popularity has consequences. In one of the episodes of “Strong Heart” he confessed how he had to pretend as a stranger to his family if they meet outside the house. He even had to do it with his beloved little sister. But Seung Gi said if someday he dates a girl or even gets married, he doesn’t want to do such a thing anymore. He really admires Japanese Actor Kimura Takuya. That actor suddenly confessed to the public that he’s marrying a woman…even older than him! Many people thought Kimura Takuya’s career would soon be over after that, but they’re wrong. He’s still good in his career until now. And for Lee Seung Gi, that’s a cool thing. He also wants to be that kind of man, who’s brave to show the public his partner.

I just wonder who’s gonna be that lucky woman. Seung Gi may not be as handsome as… let’s say Lee Min Ho or Jeong Il Woo, BUT he got the good manner, the kindness, the intelligence, the popularity, the wealth, and even the good body now…what else would a girl ask for from him? Almost nothing. But this guy keeps humble that he said he’s still lack of many things and even rated himself not very high.

All the best for our favorite Lee Seung Gi. Hope you get a girl who has as good heart and nice personality as you…then the fans may peacefully accept that you worth each other.

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  1. “He really admires Japanese Actor Kimura Takuya. That actor suddenly confessed to the public that he’s marrying a woman”… Yah seunggi why not follow the steps of Kimura Takuya and confess to hjw now.. :)

  2. I’m looking for that lucky woman, I mean…this man has manner and all. who doesn’t want him??

  3. NewKDramaAddict

    Not handsome?! I think he has classical looks! If only….

  4. Ha ji Won && Lee Seung Gi would be a perfect couple <3

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  6. shinjaneCDOphilippines

    Lee Seung Gi hahaha r u talking about ha ji won .. well shes older than you right.. if shes the one it will be perfect hahah… u have the good looks and she also has.. im thinking what would be the result of your genes.. lee seung Gi fighting….. we will be happy for you… and support you…

  7. Lee seung gi, whoever woman would come to your way,she will be the luckiest one. you got a good looks,brilliant voice, good actor and most of all a good and very promising singer.You’re King 2 hearts was so amazing and i really like it.. Especially the way you proposed, it seems that it was happen in real life.Ha Ji Won would be the perfect match for you despite the fact that she is older than you…Well they say that ,age doesn’t matter….More power Seungi…

  8. Nkolika -Nigeria

    Lee Seung Gi is a great actor and singer I have only watched him in the movie Brilliant Legacy to decide. I ve read so much about his acting skill from what others said about his other movies. But I think that what gives him his charm is that childlikeness he radiates that makes even a silly behavior from him appear acceptable and not so bad. Love and dating is something that must be approached with care especially for an actor. I will prefer that he chooses a partner when he is off the screen so that he can actually discern what he really feels. Actors and Actresses especially in the West have very short episodic romance and passion they misunderstand as love, that is why many of them end up in Divorce when life becomes normal. It is important that they differentiate admiration from love so they do not make mistake.
    I wish him the best in Life. I have been popularising his movie and music in Nigeria, because he has shown to have lots of depth, and I want my yung students to follow his part. But I must confess, Korea has lots of good talents in their young people. It is something they should be pround of .

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