Lee Seung Gi’s Tears and Pain for “The King 2Hearts”

More pictures of Lee Seung Gi from “The King 2Hearts” were published.I hope you never get bored with my post. The pictures still came from NBC training camp, Lee Seung Gi looked trouble with his duty, even he looked in pain..Apparently they’re all hard mission for our prince..was he crying??? ouch..i feel pity for him.

Even though in pain, Lee Seung Gi looked more enthusiastic. The crew said that Seung Gi did his part really good, even for a scene that needed some action movement, like rolling on snow, and more. Of course he got some little injuries, but it’s okay, because this singer also really enjoyed his job as an actor.



And Since this place is NBC training camp, there’s a scene when Lee Jae Ha was in a gas chamber, and the prince couldn’t handle it properly. On military the royal family don’t get special treatment, he just an ordinary soldier. He also has to enjoy those agonies. He was seen a little tired, but still excited.

MBC and us, put a very high expectation for this black rom-com, featuring two biggest actors, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, great director Lee Jae Gyu (Beethoven’s Virus) and writers, Hong sisters  (not Hong sisters on “My Girlfriend is Gumiho”, but writes for on “Beethoven’s Virus” ). We hope they together can create a very exciting drama on this spring. “The King 2Hearts is planned to be running on MBC start on March 14th.

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