Lee Seung Gi and Family Pretend Like Strangers Outside

On his show “Strong Heart” that aired on January 24th at SBS, Lee Seung Gi said something surprising about his family. On that Lunar New Year special edition, the guests, Leeteuk and Mir talked about their sisters, and Seung Gi also share story about his relationship with his family members especially his sister.

Too bad, unless at home, Seung Gi’s sister will ignore him. His sister acts as if she doesn’t recognize her own brother. Seung Gi said that he and his family act like strangers when they are in public. He added that his family members didn’t like to be seen on TV. That’s why until now he never showed them officially to the public. But at home or on his privacy area, they have a very warm relationship, even they hug a lot to show their love.

His sister must be proud to have a brother like him but i think for Seung Gi’s family, above popularity, privacy is more important. Absolutely they love each other, but when they step out from their home they become strangers…

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