The King 2 Hearts: When Lee Seung Gi’s Bare Chest Made Us Blushing

Do you  remember this articles? about Lee Seung Gi who talked to his seonbae-deul in one of 2Days 1Night (season 1) episodes that he took some exercises and tight diet to make his body sharper for his role on “The King 2 Hearts” .

After he wore the full-pressed-body-swim-suit on episode 4, then he appeared without nothing but only the bubbles on episode 5. Yeah…finally Seung Gi proves his words…his body shape…whoaaa…make me blushing and drooling. I’m actually used to adoring guys with six packs, so it should be just a normal reaction, but  for Seung Gi I don’t know why my eyes can’t get out of his solid arms. The muscles are perfect, and i think his wide chest is so sexy…

I swear i’m not a pervert girl, I just admiring God’s creation.. :mrgreen:

2 Responses to The King 2 Hearts: When Lee Seung Gi’s Bare Chest Made Us Blushing

  1. Me too am not a pervert but i am *blushing* hard…
    Seung Gi oppa body is perfect HOT!!!

  2. YES, me too! I was so thrilled when I saw Seung Gi baring his brautiful, sexy, toned body in TK2H!!! I rememeer Sugeun mentioned in WinWIn that Seung Gi has perfect body…I’m so glad we got to witness this gorgeous being! Love his chest, strong arms & shoulders!! Sarang heyo Seung Gi ar!!!

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