Lee Seung Gi Shows His Hidden Solid Body for “The King 2 Hearts”

The stills while Lee Seung Gi on swimming pool for filming “The King 2 Hearts” unveiled to the public.

The filming took place at Gangwon on February 25th. He was wearing full-pressed-body swim suit, and eventually we got surprised with his attractive and solid body. Because he never shows his perfect body as bold as this photos, seriously, until now I never see him being topless or something like that. He always hide his body, maybe he was too shy. And now,  maybe he already feels mature, he dare to revealed his masculine image even wasn’t topless, but i think it’s better.

As a training soldier, Lee Jae Ha, has to follow some heavy exercises. As for Lee Seung Gi, before and  during filming, he usually gets weight training and aerobic, and then looks what he had done to his body?? He becomes hotter…I think :mrgreen:

For two episodes, I love his cocky character, Lee Jae Ha. I was surprised that he was able to balance his acting skill with Ha Ji Won. And with his solid body, he already looks fit standing beside Ha Ji Won. So far I’m quite satisfied with his works.

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