Lee Seung Gi When He was Younger

About few days ago, there’s quite a hot topic among netizens. People were talking about Lee Seung Gi’s childhood photographs. Well, recently, this singer slash actor was claimed by a survey institute as the most popular singer across Korea, defeating Rain and 2PM. So, the more famous you be, the more people look for your life detail…that’s just the price every celebrity has to pay, right?

Before becoming a fan of KBS TV show “Two Days One Night”, I wasn’t really pay any attention to Lee Seung Gi. I thought he’s not that out standing, you know…in comparison with Rain that time. But as soon as I started watching the show, I’ve turned to like him because his personality.

He might be not as hot as Jang Dong Gun or Won Bin, but this guy is smart, dilligent, active, well-mannered, gentle-man type, sporty….and best of all: humble. I think that’s all enought for girls to fall in love with him. But fortunately…he’s single! :D ahahah that’s the good news.

He’s cute as a baby, a toddler…and a-21-century young man. Look, he’s already got his cute chubby cheeks from his early years…

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