The Charismatic Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi is chosen to be the cover story for KWave Magazine 2013 August Edition. His official twitter account has shared with us a sneak peek of his photo-shoot results. Lee Seung Gi looks very charismatic! And here I’m sharing you some of them.



As you can see there, KWave Magazine is published by KBS World. And if I’m not mistaken this magazine is for free. I think I grabbed one a couple months ago while picking up a friend from her Korean class.



If you think the previous three pictures are too serious and intense, the last one breaks the ice. And it’s my favorite. Lee Seung Gi looks the best when he’s smiling :) .


After wrapping up his latest drama with Suzy, “The Gu Family Book,” Seung Gi’s activity is mostly about tour and photo-shoots. Just few weeks ago Blossom posted Seung Gi’s appearance on Esquire. I think Lee Seung Gi has been trying to “upgrade” his image from the sweet and nice young guy to a more mature one. He started with “The King 2 Hearts” and I think slowly but consistently he’s been trying to move his image “forward.” Well, in my opinion, the thing with Lee Seung Gi is his sweet and nice guy image is not something he really has to make an effort about, but it’s on his gene and its embedded naturally on his face! If you get what I mean.  ;) So the consequence for him is that he HAS to make an effort to “upgrade” his image. Well, Seung Gi is just naturally a nice guy, so basically whatever “upgrade” image he’s been trying to achieve, the fans will always love him as he is.


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