Love Rain Episode 12 Quick Summary

Seon in Ha came down to Joon’s place. When the boys was going to tell In Ha that the girl he saw was Ha Na, Joon’s girl friend, Seon Ho tried to prevent them.

Joon, out of nowhere said “Let’s break up.” They sat in the little restaurant to talk. Joon stayed quite. Seon Ho called to warned Joon about his father coming. Seon Ho asked if Joon had known, but Joon didn’t tell him.
Ha Na was begging for explanation, but Joon just coldly left without telling her anything. WHAT THE….! He’s playing a jerk, but it’s more of a coward than a jerk! Well, he cried alone on the street anyway.

Seon Ho came when Ha Na’s still crying in the restaurant. He asked what happened, Ha Na said she didn’t have any idea either.

Joon resent his father even more. Meanwhile Seon Ho tried to calm Ha Na down, but Ha Na just couldn’t stand it and went straightly to Joon’s room. Unfortunately it was already empty.
Joon stayed up in a hotel and Seon Ho was the one who could find him. Joon asked how Seon Ho knew, Seon Ho asked him what would happen to Ha Na. Joon said their relationship had been wrong from the first place. He took out the ring and just threw it to the table indifferently.

Meanwhile the parents.. Ahhhh. In Ha came down to meet Yoon Hee. He said he just wanted to see Yoon Hee. Being with her felt good for him. (yeahh, right…whatever)

Yoon Hee suddenly found her stuffs at home were cleaned up by strangers. She’s kind of kicked out from her job as well as her house.

Ha Na came into Joon’s studio when he’s auditioning some models. Joon tried to make Ha Na jealous but it didn’t work.
“What do you want? Why do keep on calling me when we already break up,” said Joon. Ha Na demanded an explanation for his strange attitude but Joon kept being cold to her. He talked harsh to her and said that she should leave the place immediately. Ha Na said she’s not there because of Joon, but because of Seon Ho. If he disliked it, Joon was the one who should go.

The boys worry about what happened between the couple. Seon Ho tried to talk to Joon, but Joon refused it. Joon coincidently saw Ha Na was crying alone in the stairs and tried to shrug away his own feelings.

Yoon Hee had to go out of the place that very moment. She kind of knew who did it to her. And speaking of the devil, Hye Jeong came.
Yoon Hee tried to reason with Hye Jeong, but she said she couldn’t give them “blessing” to start over in the name of herself and her family. It’s actually, quite reasonable.

When Seon Ho put a hat on her head, Ha Na had been cheerful again. She asked him if she should move out of the house. Seon Ho said she didn’t have to. Mi Ho was wondering why everyone was acting strange to her.

She’s sitting on Seon Ho’s study when she found Yoon Hee’s picture and Seon Ho’s writing of Father-Son and Mother-Daughter. Mi Ho was asking Seon Ho about what she found when Joon and the model were on they way out. Mi Ho nagged Joon and Joon just told her that he’s kind of having a lunch date with her model slash ex-gf. Ha Na, who’s spraying water to the plants, suddenly aimed the water to Joon and his model.

Ha Na walked out for some fresh air. She was sitting on the plaza where Chang Mo’s nephew was having a band performance. Seo In Gook’s character was singing a rock ballad song that suits Ha Na’s mellow feelings. She was crying along the song, recalling her memories with Joon.

Chang Mo’s nephew spotted Ha Na and thought that girl was his destiny, sort of. That young man was talking to his uncle about Ha Na and then about Chang Mo’s friends’ children. He seemed to be friends with Joon and Seon Ho when he was a kid. He said suddenly he missed them.

Joon was having a drink with the model, trying to calm his mind down.

Yoon Hee called In Ha. While Yoon Hee was speaking, In Ha suddenly asked her to send him her picture saying he missed her. They’re pretty much like teenagers (–.–!). Yoon Hee was on her way to a motel.

Joon came home drunk in the same time Ha Na went out of her room. They bumped to each other. Joon hugged her tight. Ha Na asked, “What is it?” Joon let her go and said, “Really, I have no feelings.” Ha Na hugged Joon crying and asked, “Really no feelings at all?”. Joon tried to supress his true feelings when assured her that there’s no feelings and told her that they should just break up.
Ha Na said she got it and was going back to her room. Joon blocked her way at first, but then just let her go and hated himself for what just happened.
In the morning, the boys were having breakfast with Ha Na and made Joon became the sudden public enemy. No one treated Joon nicely that morning. Seon Ho was talking to Joon when Ha Na came and said that she’s moving out next week. While Seon Ho said she didn’t need to do that, Joon just coldly said he got the message.

Tae Seong came down to the place again right after he just came back from a business trip. He said he had something to talk about to Ha Na. Everyone was mesmerized by Tae Seong’s different appearance. He was in suits and looked very stylish, the typical of a wealthy young business man.
Tae Seong brought Ha Na for lunch in a restaurant. He finally told Ha Na the truth about himself that he’s actually a wealthy man, a director of a resort. Ha Na was suprise.He explained his situation and something like wanted to start over his relationship with Ha Na in a more honest way.When Tae Seong drove back Ha Na to the place, Joon saw them.

Joon’s boss came down his place. Joon thought he’s coming to talk to him, but the truth is he was looking for Jeong Ha Na.He wanted Ha Na to be the model of a photo shoot theme. Joon refused it, but Ha Na said she’s going to do it. Joon asked Ha Na’s real reason about agreeing for the photo shoot. Ha Na said she did it because she wanted to do it. And then she told Joon that today she’s accepting Tae Seong’s love confession, but honestly somehow she’s still thinking about Joon. Hearing about this, Joon became cranky and trying to cover his own feelings, ended up talking harshly to Ha Na that she’s hurt again.
Ha Na spent the rest of the day working and then fell asleep on the table outside her room. Seon Ho was about to put a blanket on her, but In Ha said he’s gonna take her. Joon put Ha Na on her bed and left. Ha Na opened her eyes.

The photo shoot proceed. The setting was on the beach and Ha Na wore pretty gowns. Ha Na asked what should she do, Joon just took her pictures without giving her any particular direction like he always did while he’s taking pictures of a model. Ha Na was getting tired that it suddenly made Joon furious.

Yoon Hee didn’t tell both Ha Na and In Ha about her current situation. She still came down to her work place because In Ha came down there.They’re eating in a restaurant when Yoon Hee finally told him about her working situation. In Ha was curious and met Yoon Hee’s coworker to ask for the truth.

When Yoon Hee was going back to her motel, In Ha was waiting for her in front of the building. He apologized on behalf of Hye Jeong and offered her his place. Yoon Hee refused, of course, but In Ha still reasoned with her. Then these old-love-birds went somewhere out of the town that night.

After the photo shoot, Ha Na said she’s not going back to Seoul with the rest of the staffs. She asked Joon to stay too because she still didn’t believe that Joon’s break up declaration was his real feelings. And yes, it only took him a few meters when he finally asked his assistant to stop the car. He ran back to Ha Na.
Ha Na said she just wanted them to spend the time together around that area until tomorrow. Something like having a heart to heart talk about their current situation. They’re standing on the street and a bus stopped by on the other side.

When the bus passed by, the parents arrived right across the street from Ha Na and Joon.

Okay, who do you think would see whom first? I supposed none of them, at least until the next day. The preview told us that the children wouldn’t see the parents until the next day on the beach. So it’s actually the historical beach for In Ha and Yoon Hee and it’s gonna be more historical because In Ha was going to propose Yoon Hee there. Meanwhile the kids…seeing the parents, Ha Na wondered why Joon took her away from the beach. And he finally spit it out, “That man is my father.”

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    • my thoughts exactly. they know the feelings of having lost your first love, so they definitely won’t want that to happen to their children.

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  8. This drama so complicated. :(

    I hate the relationship between in ha and yoon he. :(
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