Love Rain Episode 3 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 3 started exactly episode 2 ended, the moment when In Ha’s friends asked him to tell them about the 3 seconds girl as the inspiration of his song. In Ha said he’d tell them. But he didn’t tell them the truth about his experience of being under the umbrella together with Yoon Hee. Instead, he told them that he’s going to the army. Suddenly, everyone’s mood was ruined.

In Ha was meeting Yoon Hee by the lake when no other friends around. Yoon Hee asked if the reason why he decided to leave was because of her and Dong Wook. In Ha said no, it’s not because of them both. He said, “It’s because of me. I’m just too complicated.” But then In Ha told her the truth about his paintings. Earlier he said that he painted Yoon Hee because she was in the landscape object he was painting. But the truth was, Yoon Hee was the object herself and to be precise, that day, the landscape seemed to be forgotten. All he saw was only her. “Thank you and sorry,” said In Ha. “Sorry that I should’ve told you earlier.”

In Ha came to the cafe, but the mood of his friends were not good because of In Ha said he’s leaving. To make it worst, he said he’s leaving tomorrow to do sketching out of town and then go to his parents’ house in another town before going. It upset Dong Wook that he thougt In Ha was being secretive. There must be a concrete reason  why In Ha suddenly decided to leave for army. But no matter what his friends’ thought, In Ha was packing.

Dong Wook picked up Yoon Hee in the library. He asked Yoon Hee to go out on a date tomorrow.Yoon Hee agreed.

On the street the next day, In Ha stopped by a jewelry store, saw a girl’s watch and remembered Yoon Hee’s story about her late parents. Then back to the studio, In Ha was packing and put Yoon Hee’s yellow diary in his locker. On the other part of the university, Yoon Hee received a gift from someone, a watch. The note said he wanted Yoon Hee to be happy every day remembering her late parents’ memory through the watch. It was from In Ha.

Couldn’t help herself from thinking about In Ha, Yoon Hee left her class in a rush.She  accidently dropped the note from  In Ha on the floor and Hye Jeong read it. She knew there’s something fishy about In Ha and Yoon Hee. Then she remembered how Chang Mo avoided her to see In Ha’s locker, so she went there. Finally she found all Yoon Hee potrait paintings and even the yellow diary.

Meanwhile Yoon Hee went out of town, to the place where In Ha said he was going to be sketching. But In Ha was nowhere to be found. She asked a student and he said In Ha had left two hours ago. Then Yoon Hee arrived at the theater and saw the schedule for movie Love Story. Then there came the rain and she took a shelter under the front gate roof of the theater. Not long after that, people just coming out from the theater, and In Ha was one of them. They finally noticed each other. “How do you get here?” In Ha was startled. “Because I wanted to see the movie. If not today, I don’t know when else.”

They finally watched the movie together. Yoon Hee got teary eyes during a sad scene. In Ha wanted to touch her hand, but refrained.
Then to make their story more dramatic, In Ha and Yoon Hee missed the last train back to Seoul after the show. When they’re running towards the station, In Ha grabbed Yoon Hee’s hand automatically because Yoon Hee felt pain in her feet. And when they both fianlly realized it, Instead of letting go, In Ha held Yoon Hee’s hand more tightly.

Then they both just sat there on the station, both of them asking the same question towards each other, “What should we do now?” Then an ajumma came offering a room for the lovers, but In Ha found an alternative. There’s a train to another city, it’s the beach area. The couple hadn’t left yet when some other students came to the station too and saw In Ha with Yoon Hee out side the station.

Meanwhile Dong Wook was stood up on his own first date. Yoon Hee never showed up.

Chang Mo was calling In Ha’s house, but In Ha’s father said his son hadn’t been home yet. Hye Jeong kept following Chang Mo to their room. But there’s no In Ha in their room either. Hye Jeong thought he and Yoon Hee must have gone together somewhere. She broke down and cried.

On the train, In Ha wrote something on the glass window next to Yoon Hee that the writings would only appear if they blew some air on it. “Happy?” wrote In Ha. Yoon Hee just answered it by adding “!” at the end. “Happy?!” While Yoon Hee was sleeping, the artist In Ha was sketching her potrait again.

They both arrived at their destination in the morning. They went to beach, but voilla! it’s raining again… This time, their umbrella was transparent skye blue. But then the umbrella was flown by the wind. In Ha put his coat to Yoon Hee. In Ha still hesitated to hold Yoon Hee’s hand, but this time, thank goodness Yoon Hee took initiative and held his hand.

They sat on the beach, still holding hands. Yoon Hee remembered In Ha’s song. She asked him to sing it for her again. And sing he did.
This time, forget the low self esteem In Ha. He leaned and kiss Yoon Hee’s cheek gently.

While the new real couple was happy, Hye Jeong looked miserable in the boy’s room. Chang Mo had to sleep outside. But Hye Jeong suddenly left in a rush in the morning.

Yoon Hee and In Ha moved to another beach. Yoon Hee looked very peaceful sleeping on In Ha’s shoulder. Watching her sleep, he narrated in his heart many love words: his hopes for their love and relationship, being together forever, and even said “I love you”.

Hye Jeong went to In Ha’s studio. Then they met the student who saw In Ha and Yoon Hee together and he shared them the information. The loyal Chang Mo tried to hard to cheer up Hye Jeong. Then Dong Wook came. He was the only person who had no idea about Yoon Hee and In Ha. Gladly, his friends pretended they didn’t know anything about Yoon Hee when he asked.

In Ha and Yoon Hee finally arrived back in Seoul. In Ha found out that Yoon Hee got a little fever, so he was going to go with her to the hospital. But then they discussed about who should tell Dong Wook. In Ha said he would be the one who’d tell Dong Wook. So In Ha went to the cafe and he made her promised to go to the hospital before leaving.

In Ha arrived at the cafe where there’re already Dong Wook and the others. Everyone’s mood was so bad, but Dong Wook still had no idea what really happened nor what In Ha was about to confess. In one deep breath, In Ha finally confessed to his best friend, “The truth is, I like Yoon Hee. From the beginning and would continue to love her.” Everyone was surprise more because In Ha had a gut to spit the words, while the information was just a confirmation everyone had known about. Surprisingly, it was Chang Mo who punched him down and looked very emotional. He was disappointed to In Ha that he could do something that would ruin their friendship. Hye Jeong cried, Dong Wook was speechless. In Ha left without anymore words.

Getting off from the bus, suddenly Yoon Hee collapsed.

Back in the cafe, the four still discussed about how In Ha could do that to them all, especially to Dong Wook. Hye Jeong also said that Yoon Hee’s feelings for Dong Wook was actually a lie.

Waking up in the hospital, Yoon Hee’s condition wasn’t better. When she walked back home, Dong Wook already there waiting for her in front of her place, looking upset. “Is it true?” he asked. Yoon Hee just said sorry. “How could you do this to me?” “I’m sorry, for hurting your feeling. It’s not In Ha’s mistake at all. He thought so much about you. From the start I actually like In Ha.” “Just stop it,” said Dong Wook, then he left.

Back in his room, In Ha and Chang Mo were in cold war. Chang Mo was really angry with him. But love can be stronger than friendship often. That night, both In Ha and Yoon Hee were smiling remembering their sweet moments…you know, the typical new couple.
Then suddenly In Ha grabbed his jacket and went running to Yoon Hee’s place. In the same time, Yoon Hee also ran outside her place. And they met on the way.

So I was wrong about the misunderstanding that going to happen between Yoon Hee and In Ha that would separate them years ahead. I’ll safe it to make watching the drama more interesting tomorrow. As I saw the preview of tomorrow’s episode that the story will jump up to the current time, the children’s era, I kind of screamed “Noooo! I want to see the 70s moooorrree.” I love the nuance and the fashion and their hairs…aahh so vintage. Even the way they speak, the language they use….I like JGS’ hairstyle as Seo In Ha, for the girl I like Hye Jeong’s hairstyle and the dresses too. Okay, let’s see what tomorrow will bring to this drama…

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  1. absolutely falling in love with this drama….thank you so much, i really enjoy reading your recaps :)

  2. Liking Love Rain episodes more :)

    Thanks for the recap :) I really feel that the drama is underrated, I’m loving the editing, cinematography and so far the story line, Loving JGS too! :)

    Hope you recap the episodes till the its end :) thanks again! :)

  3. Thanks SO much for the recap! I’m going crazy waiting for the subs. Loving this drama so much :D

  4. i really love the third episode scenes…its realy like painting when Yoon Hee tried to found In Ha out of the town.forget the rating. just continu the recap please…..
    @Admin : I want to see the 70s moooorrree also….

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