Love Rain Episode 9 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 9 is summed up as the episode where the children, Joon and Ha Na, started to build their relationship, while the parents, In Ha and Yoon Hee, were trying to get back what they had lost years ago.

Joon’s confession was very unromantic, Ha Na at first didn’t really take it seriously until Joon said what he really wanted to do (by coming down to her place) was to tell her that he liked her. Ha Na was just about to say, “Actually I…” she didn’t finish her words because her mother suddenly called out. Ha Na just left Joon startled by her sudden leave and told her mother that Joon was no one.

However, Ha Na’s mind was still on Joon, so she went outside again to look for him. But it was Seo In Ha who appeared. In Ha instantly recognized Ha Na and Ha Na as well recognized him, “Professor Seo In Ha?”

“How you come here at this time?” Kim Yoon Hee came out. Seo In Ha demanded an explanation from Yoon Hee about the reason why she lied to him by not telling him she’s alone now. Yoon Hee kept saying sorry, but Seo In Ha very much dislike that word came out of her mouth. He said he’d been bearing the sorrowful life because he find her and couldn’t be with her, only with a hope that if he met her again he’d find her happy. “But now, how is it?”

Joon was looking for Ha Na and he almost saw his father with Yoon Hee when Ha Na caught him and dragged him away.

Seo In Ha was asking Yoon Hee to start again, but Yoon Hee looked like she’s burdened. Yoon Hee said she had forgotten everything about the past and just wanted to live her life happily with her daughter this way.

And just like the father who’s demanding an honest answer, so did the son. Joon demanded Ha Na to give her an answer, but Ha Na said seemed to be not confidence enough to express her feeling that it left Joon upset.

Ha Na finally told her mom that she knew about Seo In Ha from her diary, but her mother looked indifferent about the topic. “Actaully when I was in Japan, I was looking for him because I want you to meet him again,” confessed Ha Na. Yoon Hee needed time for herself to digest everything.

Ha Na wass looking for In Ha in the university the next day, but they didn’t let us know what they’re talking about.

Ha Na was moving in to Lee Seon Ho’s place on the adjacent building of Joon’s restaurant-studio. The boys (Joon’s assistant, the stylist, the waiter and Seon Ho) welcomed her, except for Joon. She just signed the contract when Seon Ho told her that the building was actually Joon’s. Ha Na was panic and that made Seon Ho was curious if there’s something between her and Joon.

Seon Ho gave her a brief tour of the house, and still seemed to forget an important information about the house even until he gave her the keys. That most important information he forgot was the fact that Ha Na’s room was actually connected to Joon’s. Ha Na found a sliding door, opened it and stepped in. Not knowing whose or what room it was, she found some clean clothes on the sofa and saw something colorful that attracted her. Apparently, it was Joon’s boxer and the owner came just right in time. Seon Ho was confronted by both Joon and Ha Na. Joon told her to go, while Ha Na insisted on staying because of the job. Seon Ho said the option would be Joon who’s leaving, otherwise they should try to get along with each other and live peacefully together.

In between the scenes about Joon-Ha Na and Yoon Hee-In Ha, we got the information about Ha Na’s senior, Han Tae Seong. So apparently, this guy was a resort director.

In Ha came again to meet Yoon Hee, with a bouquet of flower. Yoon Hee tried to avoid him, but In Ha begged her. “Don’t ever go away from me again. Let me love you again, please.”

Back to Seoul, the boys and Ha Na were having Ha Na’s welcoming party. They started with  bbq. Meanwhile Joon and Seon Ho’s sister, Lee Mi Ho, were out at the night club. Mi Ho kind of like Joon more than a big brother (so typical drama thingy). She said, “Oppa, you’re my destiny.” It made Joon wonder of the word “What is destiny?” Then he was thinking about the 3 seconds destiny.

Going back home after the night club, Joon was just watching from the foyer that Ha Na was drinking with the boys. They’re playing the couple’s mind game. You’re given two options of words and you have to say it as quickly as you can. The more match-guessed you have with your partner the more it means your mind is connected with each other. Joon was going to leave them until it was Ha Na and Seon Ho’s turn. Joon just spontaneously played along from his door and successfully guessed all same answers with Ha Na, except for the last word “good!” where Ha Na and Seon Ho said the same answer. Then Ha Na was about to drink another shot when Joon suddenly took it and drank it for her.

Kim Yoon Hee was staring at the bouquet and then Seon In Ha was texting her, telling her to have a nice dinner and then nice sleep. Then she could hear again the recording the guys made for her.  It was Dong Wook, Chang Mo and In Ha record on the radio, to help In Ha send a message for Yoon Hee.”Yoon Hee, please listen. I miss you, please come back.” And then they played the song of Love Rain. Yoon Hee was crying.

Joon was checking on Ha Na and found her bed was still empty. She was sleeping outside. Joon put a blanket on her and was about to leave when Ha Na caught him. Joon fell backward, sit himself in the same seat with Ha Na. The drunk Ha Na told Joon to apologize for his bad words to Ha Na before. But then Ha Na said, “I tried to be innocent, but I’m not that naive. You have a good face {she pinched his cheek} and make money well, I can’t be (with you).”

Joon asked, “Because i’m too perfect that you can’t be with me?” Ha Na said his perfectness is too scary for her. Ha Na fell asleep on Joon’s shoulder and the naughty Joon stole a quick kiss from her. Ha Na was suddenly awake again. And when Joon was about to kiss her again, Ha Na collapsed.

In the morning, Joon woke up, laughing for what happened last night. He checked on Ha Na but she’s already working on the garden.
Because Ha Na was trying to ignore him, Joon was teasing her for the kiss. Ha Na pretended that she didn’t remember about happened last night, but Joon said not to make such a lie. Ha Na was gardening while Joon was having breakfast, watching her form the dining table next to the garden. He said speaking of being an item, they’re no match. He’s talking about their styles, but in the end Joon said she’s pretty and asked her to go out for dinner…a date.

Kim Yoon Hee was checking her eyes to the doctor. So she’s sick. She walked down the street to her house and In Ha followed her from a distance, but then caught up with her. He brought her to his studio.

Joon was working with people brought by his mother.

In In Ha’s studio, he and Yoon Hee spent their time together, he’s preparing food. Yoon Hee said she’s missing everyone, Dong Wook, Chang Mo, Hye Jeong and In Sook. In Ha said she could meet them again.

Joon was calling Ha Na just to say she should be ready by seven o’clock. And when he hung up his phone, he could hear his mother was receiving a call from her ex-boyfriend. Joon was upset to his mother coldly saying “It’s your life, your business.” Hye Jeong was upset that her son didn’t want to listen to her explanation, “You and your father are the same.” Joon hesitated to go and came back to let his mother speak. He said everything was over between her and that other man. Hye Jeong wanted her son to know that she’s trying for him, but different thing happen with his father. “He is meeting his first love by now.” And that made Joon felt really sick with his parents.

Because Joon was late, Ha Na was protesting him when he appeared. But then Ha Na noticed that Joon’s mood was down, so she sked what happened. At first Joon just made a comment on her hair style, “It’s good.” But then he talked about his parents’ issue, a little bit. Ha Na successfully brought Joon’s smile back with her cute tongue twisting words that it made Joon stole a quick kiss again. Ha Na suddenly freeze. Joon gave her a chance to rejected it, “If you’re not, now i’m really going to do it (reall kiss).” Ha Na didn’t rejected Joon. So they started to make out. Then the fountain suddenly splashing out the water that it made Ha Na got up and was about to go. But Joon caught her and continued on kissing her passionately.

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This time, no rain…but water factor still there: the fountain :D

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  1. He he he! Google stated that i was able to search for yr recap only three minutes after u posted it. Weee!

  2. i saw a clip of the kiss on YT and wow, it was passionately sizzling HOT!!! soooo much better then his kiss on YB!!! thanks again for recaps :)

  3. Hi…

    Thanks for your review…been waiting for this anxiously….:-)

    From Malaysia with lots of love…

  4. thank you so much for this..
    the kissing scene would have been close to perfection if Yoona also did participated with the kissing too, kekekeke… Nah, just perfect for her character and personality…
    Weeeee, the story is getting better & better…i love it..

  5. thanks U…so much!….wooow!..I lvoe this couple!
    Yoona and sukkie are the best.
    COOL SCENE!…GREAT SCENE!….THE BEST DRAMA 2012!!!….this is so hilarious and great….
    yeah…full the best.

  6. The kiss was more like Joon eating her lips. lol. Ha na should’ve at least parted her lips… aaish! Jang Geun Suk looks like he would be a good kisser. ;)

    • i thought the same too bout JGS eating her lips!! hahahahah
      It was abit awkward to watch since Yoona stood there like a plank of wood. Hopefully HER kissing scenes with JGS would improve later in the drama as her character starts to gain more ‘experiences’. hahahhah

  7. PS: Thanks a lot for the recap!:)

  8. Thanks so much for the fast recap!!

  9. LOL, yes, the water still there, but thanks God is not phone ringing again :D
    I have to say this drama makes me smile,lots of laugh, and feel so much love!
    Hey!! They should date at least once for real :) kekeke
    And those kiss, omo, do Geun Sek like her Flounder lips so much?! ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ like there is no tommorow!! :*

  10. Can’t wait to see this scene

  11. eeww… why ? 8 s good f no like that scene. 8s nyc f a hug only.

    8’s so early. Ha Na was so pathetic. Just because Joon’s confesion? ha….

  12. --ChodingYeol

    Ngaw, the kiss ! :)

    (Man I wrote like so much and then this stupid captcha code didn’t work and everything is gone. I hate commenting now =.=”)

  13. I badly need the title of the song when Seon Ho tour her~ Please and thank you!

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